22 Animal Moms That Conquered Us With Their Tenderness

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Maternal instinct is probably one of the strongest feelings that animals and humans alike can experience. No wonder elephants endure 22-month pregnancies and crocodiles carry their offspring more gently than they breathe. After all, the way the motherly instinct is expressed is truly magical, whether it’s a lioness licking her cub or a monkey tenderly holding its baby.

We at Bright Side collected 22 absolutely adorable photos of animal mothers with their children that will make you want to call your mom.

1. This lemur mom carrying her children is heart-warming.

2. A lioness’ son is one of the most patient animals on the planet.

3. Look at this baby hiding in its mom’s fur.

4. The kiss of the zebra mom and daughter is so full of love, we’re crying.

5. If you want your heart to melt, just look at the photo below.

6. A protective meerkat mom won’t let anything happen to her child.

7. These llamas tenderly hugging is everything we needed to see in our lives.

8. There is always time for food.

9. It seems she’s telling her baby a cute story.

10. Sheep look so happy smiling at each other.

11. Cutely intertwined tails are one of the most interesting expressions of love.

12. These hippos are sleeping together so peacefully, we started yawning just looking at them.

13. Look at this baby being hugged by his loving mom.

14. You can almost see this family smiling.

15. All aboard the mother ship!

16. This camel daughter is probably trying to warm up her nose under her mom’s chin.

17. She’s probably explaining how to hunt in the snow.

18. They’re holding our hearts in their tiny hands.

19. This is probably one of the most tender gestures in the world.

20. Here the cub is not that patient. “Mom, just let me go, I can clean myself just fine!”

21. This baby rhino is gently looking at its mom and we want to see them in person.

22. And, well, like mother like child.

If you have any other cute photos of animal parents and their children, please share them in the comments below.

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This article just confirms that animal moms do anything for their babies. Sometimes even more than human moms. Right?

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