22 Animals Who Got Older but Chose Not to Grow Up

2 years ago

There’s a famous saying that goes, “Getting old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” And it looks like some of our pets got wind of this too. So they decided to behave the same way as when they were still cute little furballs — from squeezing themselves into spaces they can’t fit anymore to holding on to their favorite toys.

Bright Side found then and now photos of animals who are so adorable, they’ll give you warm fuzzies regardless of how old they are.

1. “He may not fit in my hood anymore, but he’s still hitching a ride 3 years later!”

2. “Arlo at 2 months and 8 months old, featuring his special toy”

3. “Loki thinks he’s water, and sometimes, I believe him.”

4. “From 8 weeks to 10 months, still our little baby.”

5. “My cat as a kitten and as an adult”

6. “I think her toy shrunk...”

7. “They couldn’t fit in this bed before, and they definitely don’t fit now.”

8. “7 years later, he still gives headbutts when he wants kisses.”

9. “No longer small, but still needs love.”

10. Some things never change.

11. “My cats from 4 months to a year old — still avid tabletop gamers!”

12. “From 2 months to 1.5 years old, still post-walk napping buddies.”

13. “Same as it ever was — my cats at 2 months old and 3 years old.”

14. “They still sleep the same way.”

15. “He always had a lot to say (4 months vs 2 years).”

16. “Here’s a 4-month-old Juno looking at a 12-month-old Juno. She always jumps on this bench on our favorite hiking trail.”

17. “Once a mud puppy, always a mud puppy.”

18. “From a little 8-week-old kitten to a fully grown cat a year later. Still loves the lap snuggles.”

19. “Still cuddling with the same pillow.”

20. These adorable felines still cling to each other like they did as kittens.

21. “I guess pets are never too big to be carried like a baby.”

22. “He may be full-grown, but he still has the same mischievous personality!”

What are some of the amusing behaviors that your pet hasn’t seemed to outgrow?

Preview photo credit CeeDot85 / reddit


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