22 Mechanical Inventions Bordering on Evil Genius

4 years ago

Have you ever had a problem with trimming high fences or not having enough space to install a washing machine? Now they can be fixed as easily as 1-2-3! You say "clumsy"? We say "genius"!

Sometimes we don't have enough time, materials, or skills to fix something, and that's when creativity helps. As a result, we come up with solutions that can either amaze us or just leave us puzzled. Unrecognized geniuses, engineers, and creative minds make the world go around. Bright Side presents you with a list of the craziest hacks and tricks that still make sense.

1. Best solution for a small house. IKEA inspired.

2. "Just how is THAT possible?"

3. Feel like you are on a sea cruise!

4. New Edition "Firebolt"

5. A scooter powered by a circular saw. Wanna ride?

6. You really have to love coffee.

7. No place to hide? Problem solved.

8. Trust me. I am an engineer.

9. Where can I get one?

10. In the name of coffee!

11. "Broken button. Squeeze the chicken to request stop."

12. Just wait a little bit. And a little bit more. And more. And you are done.

13. Plastic wrap will keep it fresh.

14. We wonder if someone is sleeping in there right now...

15. Cable TV is for losers.

16. We are all guilty.

17. Laziness is the mother of progress.

18. A personal ark for this crazy world

19. Safety first!

20. Never drop a book in the water again.

21. Engineers are cooking.

22. Don't try this at home.

We all have that friend who can find a solution to any problem. Feel free to share photos of their inventions in the comments.

Preview photo credit WullieBlake/Imgur, Unknown/Imgur


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