22 Photos Proving That Animals Have No Less Emotions Than We Do

3 years ago

Do animals have the same emotions as humans? Nowadays there is more and more scientific evidence proving animal sentience. For example, did you know that sheep can recognize the faces of their sheep friends after being separated for 2 years? Our friends from the animal kingdom carry a bundle of emotions — we just need to start paying attention to them!

Bright Side has gathered pictures displaying a whole range of animal emotions from pure joy and pleasure to anger and even fury. Get ready to experience an emotional rollercoaster with them!

1. “I’ve just had the best dream ever: I was in a castle full of bones!”

2. “Do I still have to say, ’cheese’?”

3. “What? The summer is almost over?”

4. “I kinda like you!”

5. “Why so serious? Let’s put a smile on that face!”

6. “Nooooo, my friend doesn’t wanna play with me!”

7. “We’re not done here yet!”

8. “You’re not selling that cage, are you?”

9. “Revenge is gonna be mine!”

10. “I love these morning cuddles!”

11. “So you think you’re smart, don’t you?”

12. “How does this thing work again?”

13. “I’m so excited to throw the party of the year!”

14. “Who stole my saaaaandwich?!”

15. “Yoga gives me so much positive energy!”

16. “You’re kidding me! No way he started dating her!”

17. “So are you joining our chess club?”

18. “I’m telling you, I’m done with this place!”

19. “Magdaaa, you have a visitor here!”

20. “What a funny hat!”

21. “I’ve told you not to touch my slippers!”

22. “Why don’t you think I should eat this burger?”

Which of these emotions from the animal kingdom surprised you the most? Does your pet get really emotional sometimes? We’re waiting for your comments!


Some of them described my emotions right now XD Didn't you feel identify?

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