My Sister Asked Me Not to Wear a Bikini Because She Just Had a Baby, but I Said No

10 months ago

A Reddit user shared her unusual and controversial story, asking for people’s opinions on whether or not she acted appropriately. In this article, you’ll learn her story and the reactions readers had.

“I am on a family vacation with my parents, my sister, her son, her husband, and my kid and husband. We are by the sea, and yesterday was the first time we’d be going to a beach club.”

“My sister asked me not to wear a bikini or anything revealing because she said both she and her husband weren’t feeling the best about her postpartum body, and she really didn’t want to bring the topic up. I said I was sorry she felt that way, but I wasn’t going to spend a day roasting under an umbrella, unable to swim or enjoy myself. I said tons of women would be in bikinis, so I didn’t see why I made a difference.”

“We went to the beach, but my sis has been a wreck all day and refused to come with us.

My parents are now blaming me for not just wearing a cover-up that you can still swim in, claiming that if I keep wearing swimwear, it’s going to ruin the trip.”

Eventually, the girl wondered if she was right to do what she felt was most comfortable or if she should’ve used a cover-up. Here’s what people responded with:

  • I’m sorry, her HUSBAND is not feeling the best about her postpartum body? Your bikini is not the cause of her being a “wreck.” Her own insecurity (which her husband is likely contributing to) is. This is a garbage situation, but you’re not responsible for it. Allaboutbird / Reddit
  • I think the solution is to leave your sister’s husband in the room so that your sister can enjoy the beach with your family without having her husband judge her or put her down for her post-baby body. Zookeeper-007 / Reddit
  • It’s 2023 ladies, let’s stop projecting our issues onto other women and let them wear what they want. Honeybee4796 / Reddit

This is not the only time when people sought help in others’ opinions about a controversial situation. Here’s yet another story about a man who wanted to leave his fiancée right before their wedding.

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