22 Photos That Will Make Even the Toughest Person Shed a Tear

4 years ago

Your life is full of moments, some joyful or sad, some simple or complicated. Today’s picture compilation captures moments of kindness, bravery and empathy that are sure to pull at your heart strings.

We at Bright Side have collected photos that are so touching, even the hardest of hearts won’t be able to hold back all the feels. Be sure to read all the way through — the last one is the sweetest of all.

22. This dog died after saving the family’s 8-month old baby from their burning home.

21. This fighter made a young man with Down’s Syndrome’s dream come true with a training session. A special battle took place outside the Athletic Commission organized just for them.

20. This son gave his father the car he’d been wishing for his whole life but could never afford.

19. A soldier came home to hug his girlfriend.

18. “Every night this coffee shop leaves the leftover burritos on their windowsill for the homeless.”

17. Chinese doctors bowed down to a boy who before his death decided to become a donor to save other people’s lives.

16. During a protest in Brazil, an officer asked its participants to forgo any collisions on his birthday. In response, a group of protesters surprised him with this.

15.This man was reunited with his mother after 21 years of separation.

14. This teacher is hugging a child after a tornado destroyed their school.

13. He had just found his lost dog and had been sitting in this same pose for 10 minutes.

12. A father tied his disabled son to his torso so that he could play football with him.

11. This man is ringing the bell to signify the end of his battle with cancer.

10.This athlete promised his grandmother that he’d win the gold at the Olympics. And he did it.

9. This man gives free haircuts to dogs at the shelter.

8. A girl saving a puppy during a harsh storm.

7. While this homeless person was sleeping, strangers left Christmas presents for him.

6. This boy completed a mini-triathlon together with his disabled brother.

5. This dog used to work in prisons to help sniff out drugs until its retirement. The dog had been trained to recognize commands in three languages. This guy adopted the veteran dog from the shelter.

4. A police officer became a kidney donor for this 8-year-old boy, whom she’d recently met.

3. Hundreds of people are welcoming this girl who had bravely defeated cancer on her first day back at school.

2. “I adopted my 9-year-old cat from the shelter last year. She hasn’t left my side since.”

1. A mother soldier finally returning home to her child.

Bonus: Two huge lions hugging a woman that had raised them before being separated for seven years.

Which of these stories tugged at your heart strings the most? Have you ever experienced or given such acts of kindness? We would love to hear about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit Mahesh Vijapur


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