23 Examples of Catchy Ads That Are Real Gems

4 years ago

Advertising has already become a separate kind of art with its own awards and outstanding designers. Ice cream, cat litter, fitness centers — all these and many other things can be advertised so well that you’ll want to buy or use this service right away. Don’t believe us? Look at our article.

We at Bright Side are fond of cool design ideas and are sure that if we have forgotten a unique ad example, you’ll definitely remind us about it in the comments.

The Copenhagen Zoo came up with an unusual ad and put it right on the city’s public transportation.

Even Indian buses work with the help of Duracell batteries.

The Folgers Coffee company is trying to wake up the city that never sleeps.

This original pet food advertising from Iams was put right on the rear windows of taxis.

A playful ad for Encanto Pops ice cream: “Enchanted to meet you.”

A creative approach from Glassdoor, a job posting company: “Find the job that fits your life.”

World Sleep Day advertising

Zaini Chocolate candies made with real coffee

Funny ad for HONDA lawn mowers: “Some like it short.”

Gosbi pet food: “Makes them stronger, not smarter.”

Roladin, a pastry shop that knows how to attract your attention.

Funny commercial for Fresh Step cat litter

Hertz car rental advertising

McCafé: “Sometimes we need to be awake during the time that we would usually be resting.”

Jeep SUVs offer the perfect idea — to go where they won’t go!

Downy fabric softener: “Detergent cleans. Downy does the rest.”

Blumarea diving school commercial: “We’ll make you love water.”

Motorola GPS Service navigators commercial — no more need to ask for directions!

McDonald’s reminds us that they have a vegetarian menu as well:

Elegant advertising for a wine and jazz festival

Getty Images photo agency, advertising their new service — 360-degree images:

Colgate promises to bring back your white smile, but nothing else.

“You can’t get any closer to the news.”- a remarkable newspaper commercial

Which of these commercials left a trace on your heart? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit Copenhagen Zoo


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dog food advertising with a dog tail is really smart. It would definitely catch my attention if I saw it :D


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