23 People Who Always Have a Way to Astonish Us With Their Creativity

9 months ago

Talented designers can turn the most random object into an unexpected masterpiece. And sometimes, their creativity makes us wonder where they get such enlightenment, and the following collection of photos is proof.

1. “They made the old escalators into a feature when upgrading to new ones.”

2. “This electric company has an electrical outlet on the outside of their building.”

3. “This restaurant uses shadows to show the men’s and women’s restrooms.”

4. “A mug with baby hands for a handle.”

5. “This train bush.”

6. “My uncle (a barber) and his car.”

7. “This paper plane-shaped bench on the observation deck of an airstrip.”

8. “The 1st class shower/toilet on an A380.”

9. “This paper came with my refrigerator to let me know that there are some sounds that are ‘OK’ during normal running.”

10. “This coffee mug doesn’t need a coaster.”

11. “This bamboo sink.”

12. “I made a literary quote clock out of an old Kindle — it tells the time entirely with real book quotes.”

13. “These bike rings outside my local mall are shaped like padlocks.”

14. “I had so much fun making these Cartoon gift wrapping! Inspired by the Borderlands videogame.”

15. “3D loaf.”

16. “I made this ceramic mallard duck!”

17. Caffeinated mints that will charge you up!

18. “I hand-embroidered entomological collection.”

19. “An umbrella holder that looks like a folded umbrella.”

20. “The stairwell in this hotel goes straight forward (13 floors) instead of wrapping around.”

21. “A message in a bottle...”

22. “This Christmas chocolate.”

The collection above is proof that people’s creativity can make us astonish. In some situations, we may think some designs look easy to imitate. It’s like when our mom tells us that she can make something we want from the store instead of buying it. Maybe she’s right, or maybe it can turn into another episode of epic design fails.

Preview photo credit Chrizzal / reddit


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