20 Epic Design Fails We Wish Weren’t True but Are

3 years ago

No one is safe from having a bad day and making mistakes at work, but some people seem to struggle to do things in a way that is far from normal. A stop sign that seems to hide from drivers, a bathroom in the middle of a staircase, or a plate design that looks like mold are just a few of the examples people shared on social media with the world. And well, after looking at these pics, we’re not sure if we should cry or laugh — spoiler alert: we definitely did the latter.

So today at Bright Side, we want to share some truly awful designs that make you wonder if the people behind them secretly had vendettas against their clients.

1. “Seriously?”

2. “The basement entrance in our house (I’m 5’8”.)"

3. “The sink and the door of my room’s bathroom — at least the door doesn’t open inward.”

4. “I’m not happy with the new furniture.”

5. “The placement of these immovable chairs”

6. “Ah yes, I’ll have some black mold with my food, please.”

7. “Saw this masterpiece of a gate at an In-N-Out.”

8. “Is This The Hulk or Captain Marvel?”

9. “Just some funky stairs”

10. “The handle on this pan is heavier than the pan itself!”

11. “This cup’s design looks like water flew everywhere inside it.”

12. “This ’pillar’ in front of the doors to my favorite bagel shop”

13. “This poorly placed toilet paper dispensary and radiator”

14. “The stop button in my bus”

15. “My city just replaced all their buses with brand new ones. The stop button is now located where you normally rest your knee. It’s super sensitive and people constantly hit it by mistake, so the driver has to stop even though no one is getting off.”

16. “How am I supposed to sit here?”

17. “This stop sign”

18. “This remote with audio settings and Teletext where the volume controls should be”

19. “This drawer at my school”

20. “This coffee grinder fills its base, motor, and circuit boards up with grounds.”

Do you have examples of poorly-constructed designs? Show us a photo or tell us about them in the comments!


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Hey... my mom has those bubble glasses and used to be my favorite!! hahah so funny :D


How some designs gwt past the initial idea is beyond me. An i love everything weird.


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