23 Pups Who Deserve to Be Named Good Boys of the Year

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According to a study, dogs can tell when we’re praising them for good behavior. They often do everything to wow their humans and even appear to be pleased with themselves over their own amusing actions. We can’t help but be delighted by the cleverness and empathy these precious pups show.

Even though we believe all dogs are good dogs, Bright Side is here to share some of the best boys (and girls) out there that put a huge smile on our faces.

1. This puppy really enjoys hugging its brother.

2. The best dog is one that brings chicken nuggets.

3. “I’m so sneaky, you’ll never find me.”

4. “A skater (good) boy”

5. Boomer, also known as Vincent Van Dog

6. “Hi, we’re all excellent boys!”

7. “My dog went to Target and look how happy she is!”

8. Chivalry is not dead.

9. “Move over, kids, it’s my turn on the swings!”

10. This doggo would be the class clown for sure.

11. This border collie delicately eating watermelon is a mood.

12. This little man was the ring bearer at his mommy and daddy’s wedding.

13. They did manage to find the only mud in 66 acres, so points for that!

14. Happy birthday to the fluffiest boy, Mowgli!

15. Celebrate the small victories.

16. These Dobermans outdid themselves while napping by forming a heart shape.

17. A wise good boy at heart

18. “Feed me, human!”

19. Riding with style

20. He loves his portrait!

21. This sweet doggo is okay with sharing the love, even with cats.

22. The king of self-care

23. “She’s found a new spot in my car.”

Which pup should be named “The Good Dog of the Year”? Or maybe it’s your doggo who deserves the award? Please, share pics of your dogs in the comments!

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Akita dogs are extremely cute and fluffy. I have never touched one but I would really like to. They seem like they are just made for hugs :3


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