24 Adorable Photos That Can Touch Even Those Who Have a Heart of Stone

5 years ago

Everyone knows that animals have a superpower that allows them to enchant people and make their cute-o-meter burst. But the heroes of today’s article break all possible records. You just have to take a look at a smiling Senegal bushbaby, a toucan that has the spirit of a dog, and Gimmie, a kissing kitten, to understand what we’re talking about.

Bright Side warns you: these 24 photos increase the sensitivity to cuteness in your blood. We highly recommended!

“Our boxer made a new friend today.”

“This duck used to come to my porch for food. Recently, she brought her babies. I’ve been watching them grow up.”

Tired, but 10 times happier.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“My puppy and I on our first day together.”

A 4-month-old puppy rescued from a dog slaughterhouse in Cambodia is ready to give his heart to this human.

“I made a friend at the park today.”

A happy and good boy is taking a bath for the first time.

This baby’s going to steal your heart.

Happiness is when you go to the store to buy a new ball.

The first day of work is always stressful (especially if you’re a tiny kitten.)

The cutest Senegal bushbaby

“When she trusts you completely:”

A giraffe reaching over to meet a friend

When your dreams come true:

This baby has the happiest childhood ever.

“For the past month, this frog has jumped from out of the grass onto the sidewalk each night when we get home. His name is Jamal.”

True love: she comes here every day to kiss him.

“I’m a big and very terrible cute creature.”

A dog trapped in a toucan’s body:

Big boys need love and cuddles too.

“Meet Sofie. If she goes outside we shut the door and she hates it. So she keeps her butt inside to prevent this while she birdwatches.”

This hardware store is taking care of our fellow wildlife.

Gimmie’s kisses

Has any of these cuties managed to steal your heart?

Preview photo credit TheCabbageMeister / Reddit


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