24 Artistic Animals Whose Reaction to This World Is Priceless

4 years ago

Our pets are sometimes capable of experiencing very similar (or even the same) feelings and emotions as we experience. That's why it's not surprising that they overreact to some ordinary life situations.

Bright Side gathered some photos of animals whose reaction can be totally understood by us.

My wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's "still under the influence."

When you realize it's your cake:

When the hairdresser exceeds all expectations:

He ate something forbidden and turned around with this face:

"She wanted to drive and I said no..."

Looks like a cartoon bomb blew up in her face:

I was having a horrible day until I came home to this face in the window:

When someone's left you for the whole night and now you're waiting for an explanation:

When you're begging not to do this:

"She said the view was pretty. I told her she was prettier."

She stared at the spider with this face for 15 minutes:

When you realize there's going to be an addition to the family:

The exact moment he understood he was heading to the vet:

Past the dog park and to the vet:

When someone's lying to you but you know the truth:

When you forget to let the cat in:

My dog puts her ball in my lap and then gives me this face:

When your beloved human finally comes home:

So proud.

When someone asks if you want a hot dog:

Your face when you beat everyone and get what you wanted:

When someone you don't like is trying to kiss you:

When you were rescued and now you know that everything's gonna be fine:

"I'm done."

The most fearsome predator!

Did you enjoy these cute animals? Share photos of your pets in the comments!


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