24 Just-the-Right-Moment Photos That Turned Out to Be Masterpieces

3 years ago

In order to get an ideal shot, one needs to set the correct shutter speed, ISO, and white balance your camera. But sometimes it’s a perfectly timed moment, and not the experience and talent of the photographer, that can turn a photo into a masterpiece.

Bright Side collected 24 shots that could only be captured at the right moment with not even a second to spare.

“I met Ed Sheeran today and a gust of wind made my pic with him 10 times more exciting.”

“The man in the bright blue shirt has nice hair... oh, wait.”

Perhaps there’s a dress code here?

“My friend’s dog in the background and her son’s t-shirt match perfectly.”

When you rocked the chair you were sitting on too much:

“So my dog had a birthday party.”

Petting dolphins is probably the best job in the world!

“My meeting with this donkey didn’t go as smooth as I expected.”

“My son decided to help me water the flowers.”

“When my husband thought it was a good idea to pick me up while standing dangerously close to the creek after our wedding.”

“It seems my neighbor’s chicken doesn’t like me.”

“The cat definitely doesn’t like his birthday cake.”

When you are the best catcher in squirrel baseball:

“I did not like this ostrich and this ostrich did not like me.”

“It took me some time to realize who he resembled.”

When you are channeling the paparazzi:

Is this the happy ending of Ice Age?

That jump seems to be more difficult than he thought.

What a coincidence!

The moment just before he takes off:

The moment a trout eats a mayfly and the second before water tension gives way.

“I just wanted to open the door.”

The destruction!

When you dream of singing karaoke, but they never let you in:

We’re sure that you also have some of these well-timed and hilarious photos in your family album, right? Please share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit taliacalandra / Twitter


They are all so perfect! I got to say I love them all Bright Side. Could anyone pick a favorite one?

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