24 Photos That Emit True Hopelessness

4 years ago

There are some situations that just seem to have no exit. And we wonder, is it a challenge or does the universe just want to troll us? At these moments, the only one thing we can do is just sit back and wait until the madness ends.

Bright Side gathered 24 situations where people just need to be patient and go with the flow.

Waiting for summer to come

"It'll be fun they said."

"My cousin was forced to take this easter photo."

It's hard to be both smart and honest.

"So my sister and her husband weren't answering anyone’s calls, and we got to the house and saw this..."

When life just keeps disappointing you.

So you have to remember every single password.

What do you know about hopelessness?

Most garages look unpromising.

"One day I'll find you, Emma."

"Growing up with chubby cheeks, everyone did this to you."

Modern technology can destroy our hopes and dreams.

"Kept track of how many times my 3-year-old asked me 'why?' in one day."

Questions are not the only complicated thing.

"My niece really wanted a little sister, not a little brother."

"Drove right past the park and he instantly knew he was going to the vet."

One unfortunate machine

And what's your plan?

Any takers?

"Don't ask me how this happened."

When an egg machine brakes down

"My nephew took his girfriend's car."

When you need no words.

"Accidentally went in the women's restroom. I've been trying to leave unnoticed for 10 minutes but they kept coming!"

How do you usually cope with these situations? Do you stay positive or just let destiny take its course?

Preview photo credit devalmxghty/twitter


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