24 Tattoos That Turn People Into Living Masterpieces

3 years ago

What happens when former cartoonists become tattoo masters? They start creating the same awesome pictures they've once put on paper onto the skin. No matter if you adore tattoos or simply don't understand the art form, we guarantee that you won't stay indifferent to the works of the artists we've collected in this article.

Bright Side wants to show you some cool tattoos that beautifully decorate the body. At the end of the article, be sure to catch the bonus image that shows how tattoo art can turn a skin imperfection into a complete masterpiece.

Sasha Unisex

Sasha is the most highly paid Russian tattoo artist and lives in Italy. She has introduced bright watercolor and contourless tattoos into the world of fashion. Recently, Sasha has started to create temporary tattoos. Her Instagram account has 854,000 followers.

Bang Bang

This tattoo master from New York has done tattoos for Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Kylie Jenner. In addition, his Instagram page has 1.9 million followers.


The works of this tattoo master from Seoul are so cute, bright and neat that even those who are against tattoos want to get drawn on! Her Instagram page has 197,000 followers.

Jessica Chen

Jessica Chen from Toronto has been working as a tattoo master for only 3 years. Before starting this occupation, she had been a painter and a graphic designer. She creates small, soft tattoos and draws them all over the body. Her Instagram page has 117,000 followers.

Zihwa Hongdae

This South-Korean tattoo master creates sensual monochrome tattoos and gets her inspiration from nature. She uses an extremely thin needle to be able to work out the tiniest details. Zihwa calls her style "an eternal spring". Her Instagram page has 398,000 followers.

Eva Krbdk

This tattoo master from New York creates incredible tattoos that look like embroidery on the skin. Her Instagram page has 538,000 followers.

Ahmet Cambaz

Ahmet Cambaz from Istanbul is a former cartoonist. That's why his small tattoos of animals and people are so cute. His Instagram page has 265,000 followers.


This tattoo master from Seoul creates the most tender pictures on the skin. He explores different themes like plants, animals, and calligraphic inscriptions. His Instagram has 447,000 followers.

Bonus: Flavia Carvalho

Not only can tattoos decorate your skin but they can also hide unwanted imperfections. Tattoo master, Flavia Carvalho, helps her clients conceal scars by turning them into beautiful masterpieces.

Would you dare to get one of these tattoos? If yes, which one? We'd love to read about your choice in the comments!

Preview photo credit Flavia Carvalho


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