25 Amazing Design Ideas That Can’t Go Unnoticed

3 years ago

Designers are some of the most creative people in the world. And when their clients don’t want them to make the color white even whiter, they create really incredible things. The items depicted in this article were invented by designers who don’t know what a deadline is.

Bright Side thinks that these design ideas will really satisfy you. Enjoy!

The logo for this pet transport company has 5 different animals in it.

This menu in an Italian restaurant is shaped like a circle showing you what the type of pizza will look like.

This meat restaurant sign

A toaster that can charge your iPhone

The bottom of this bottle is meant to hold the cap.

This bench in the wall

This racing extension for an Xbox controller

One sign to find both skates and steaks

A 3D mosaic that impresses us with its realistic picture

The way the hotel room numbers are displayed

Just imagine how much butter can you save now!

An innovative and functional menu display in a bakery in the Czech Republic

This unique packaging for a digital Polaroid camera

Interesting measuring spoons...

The back cover for the book Dune by Frank Herbert

These bathrooms in a London museum with sinks that slope to cater to children of different heights

The shadow shows the name of the restaurant.

This packaging for pineapple cakes in a Chinese supermarket

This book about chocolate recipes looks like it’s been bitten.

The sign for this dental office

“Shoot the volume up!”

This carousel in Hong Kong has a sea turtle mounted to the floor for disabled children.

These bathrooms play with the difference between XX and XY chromosomes.

The Wi-Fi signal makes a burger.

This minimal watch only shows what you need to know.

This counter on an inhaler shows how many puffs are left inside.

Japanese mint packaging that dispenses individual mints

Which of these items is the most creative and unique?

Preview photo credit odditymall.com, Oreganj/ reddit


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