25 Animal Photos Taken at Just the Right Moment (New Pics)

5 years ago

The best part about animals is that they are unpredictable and totally hilarious. Cats trying to destroy a Christmas tree, dogs not willing to go to the vet, stealing food or trying to imitate humans are just some examples of this funny behavior. We simply can’t resist their charm or be serious around them!

Bright Side has collected 25 new amusing photos of our little furry friends that will definitely make you laugh and brighten your day.

25. “My cat likes to play mind games.”

24. Best friends are trying to take a nap.

23. This dog can hold everything on its head!

22. When you catch the perfect moment:

21. A proposal to a raccoon

20. “Cage me again! Cage me again, I dare you!”

19. “My friend’s dog is not happy about leaving the dog park early!”

18. “My cat steals my slipper anytime the speakerphone is on.”

17. “I was wrestling with my dog and forgot that he never misses an opportunity to eat.”

16. “Jack’s strategy at the vet: ’If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.’ ”

15. This dog groomer brought animal fur styling to a new level.

14. “She knows she is headed to the vet.”

13. “A Christmas tree for cat owners”

12. “I think he thinks he’s a good boy.”

11. “Which one is taking their first trip to the vet?”

10. When your best friend is a beautiful lizard:

9. Just a bumble bee’s backside sticking out of the flower

8. “My cat chose her new napping spot in my bathtub. I went to take a picture and she stretched at the perfect moment.”

7. Just a tongue competition

6. Indisputable proof that cats are liquid:

5. This baby pangolin wants to talk to you about something important.

4. Meet Loki, the angriest sphynx cat ever!

3. “I have 4 feathered friends who come by my window every morning for breakfast.”

2. Doesn’t it look fabulous?

1. “If I fit, I sit.”

Have you ever seen animals doing something that made you laugh out loud? Have you taken any pictures of them? Be sure to share them in the comment section!


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