25+ Cool Things You Need to Use Just Once to Fall in Love With Them Forever

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Many things we use in our everyday life seem to be thought out down to the smallest detail. But as they say, there is no limit to perfection. Even a belt bag, sweater, or dishwasher can have an additional function that can create a “wow” effect.

At Bright Side, we believe that cool things should become a part of our life, like the ones mentioned in this article.

“The new fanny pack I bought has a little LED attached to the inside to help you find stuff in it in the dark.”

“This highlighter has a see-through part, so you can see what you’re highlighting.”

“I recently moved in to a place with a fitted kitchen. The kitchen has a hidden compartment holding a step stool.”

“My shower has a pressure handle and temperature handle. I always have perfect temperature showers now.”

“I got a waterproof cast on my ankle today. It looks soft, but in reality, it’s hard as a rock.”

“My dishwasher projects the time remaining on the floor because it doesn’t have a visible front panel.”

“This metal water bottle with an app tells you how much water is left in it.”

“The labels on this sweater are sewed onto small scraps of fabric, so it’s easier to cut them, and they don’t leave any itchy residue behind.”

“My shirt’s extra button is sewn onto the side tag.”

A comfortable hole for a human index finger or thumb makes unplugging safe and effortless.

Thanks to this lid, you can drink directly from the can without worrying about dust, dirt, or microbes.

“The elevator in this Japanese apartment building has a container with food and water, and a portable toilet in case of malfunction.”

A sandbox that allows wheelchair users to play in it

“This juice package explains the life hack to smoothly pour your drink.”

You don’t have to look for the little Ls and Rs on your headphones anymore.

“The toilet cubicle door handles we all want”

This blister pack has a pull tab for easy opening. No more cutting your fingers on sharp plastic!

“My gardening tool kit came with a claw glove.”

These gloves help you perform small work in the garden, like make holes, loosen soil, clean, etc.

This bathroom lock also works as an accessory tray.

This toilet seat has an attachment for toddlers to sit on.

This cracker box comes with folds so that you can fit your whole hand into it.

Crosswalks in Korea have light bars on the ground to signal people.

“My flight has a smaller tray to prop your phone on. I’ve never seen this before.”

“The room we are staying in has a second door spy for wheelchair users.”

“My waffle maker makes waffles with skulls on them.”

“My dryer door opens from the side or the top.”

“You can purchase sewing needles that are already threaded.”

Which of these things would you want to have? Tell us in the comments below.


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