25 Designer Fails That Destroy Common Sense

4 years ago

There are designs that make us want to jump up and down with joy. But sometimes designs are so crazy that we don’t even know what to do about them. Banana cars, sneakers on hills, and other insane things are perfect illustrations of such situations. But even though they look ridiculous, they make us laugh.

Bright Side has collected 25 things that designers created without using their common sense.

A new direction in architecture

Almost got it!

The floor at this barbershop

This ramp and steps lead nowhere.

And only one side has toilet paper...

They almost managed...

“Why can’t I build another room if I really want it?”

“Just bought a can of peppercorns...”

This door doesn’t even lock...

“Shocked by this bus design.”

Banana car

There’s something wrong here...

When you don’t know where you want to go — to the gym or to a party:

When there aren’t any mountains around...

When you’re not sure what you want to create:

Check out this bus route map in Thailand: the left one is designed by the government and the right one is designed by a local community service group.

— “What time is it?”


— “Half past heart.”

These double stairs

Time for tea

Every car wants to grow up!

These scissors that don’t close all the way

“My mom thought this butter dish was cute, but it just makes my eyes bleed.”

“Finally found out why I had random symbols on my face all day today at the beach.”

“Guess who set the alarm off at the movie theatre today? The men’s room was around the corner and down the hall.”

“This ’engineering building’ at my university was so poorly designed it was deemed unsafe for use and is now derelict.”

Which of these photos seemed the craziest to you? Tell us in the comment section below.

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