25+ Designers Who Brilliantly Transformed Ordinary Things and Won Our Hearts

3 years ago

A modern person is used to being constantly surprised. And designers had to work hard to transform ordinary things we’ve known since childhood, whether this is a pair of sneakers with the top part removed, a vase made of silicone, the shape of a flask, or a simple spoon holder turned into something very unexpended. All these things not only look cool, but they’re also very practical.

We at Bright Side wouldn’t mind getting almost everything from this list (we’re especially impressed with the hanging tent) because we value creativity and innovations when it comes to ordinary things. And in the bonus part, you’ll find something that will make you smile.

An angel backpack

A shark knife sharpener

A dragon-shaped water tap

Tea mugs with a holder for a tea bag in the shape of adorable animals

A mind-blowing hanging tent

A chair for a new generation

A crab spoon holder

A floor mop that looks like a dog

A hand-made 3D carpet

A wallet you can wear on your belt

A sword-shaped shift knob

A cool lamp made of a skateboard

Touchscreen cat gloves

A mind-blowing stand for your glasses

A hanging decoration vase

A creative warrior-shaped knife block

A 3-in-1 sun chair, cooler, and backpack for crazy adventures

A beach glass with an unusual stem

A bendable and universal power outlet

A bicycle-shaped pizza knife

An awesome mug for tactile people

Innovative sneakers without the top part

An LED nightlight that projects colorful peacock feathers on the wall

An interesting interpretation for an ordinary box of matches

Every music lover needs this lunch box:

A unique silicone vase

A colander that looks like a pasta monster

Bonus: A dream for many cat lovers — a device for taking selfies with your fluffy friend

What do you expect to get from a modern design? Or maybe you have an idea you’ve been dreaming of for a long time?

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Wow this tap is actual art! I want one of those in my bathroom ?


So how do those sneakers stay on your foot? Needed another angle of this picture


I am about to purchase this angel backpack as we speak!! Thank you ;)


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