25 People Who Have a Hard Time Explaining What They’ve Discovered

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All of us encounter weird things sometimes. It’s good when we have a phone or a camera on hand to capture what we’ve found. Because it’s hardly possible that anyone will believe that you saw a bug sporting a McDonald’s logo or a bus driver who looks just like David Bowie.

1. A cicada with a McDonald’s logo on its back

2. “This key my mom had when she was a college professor in the ’90s has circles instead of cuts.”

3. “My bus driver looks like David Bowie.”

4. The paint on this building is the same shade as the sky.

5. “These pictures at a gas station that look like our dogs”

6. “My SCENE membership is good for another 507 years.”

7. “My 14’ 3” (4.343 m) receipt for 4 items"

8. Elephants after a swim

9. These seagulls seeking shelter from the wind in a parking lot

10. It seems that this cactus used to be a dragon in its previous life, and a curious one at that.

11. There are 2 different style 9s on this price tag.

12. “Woke up to a gang of turkeys on my car.”

13. This is not Photoshop, this is a water line on trees after a flood.

14. These ants definitely have a question.

15. “My cat’s eyes reflecting blue light instead of the usual green”

16. A sign that just says, “No”.

17. “Smoke from nearby wildfires made it look like I woke up on Mars today.”

18. “This mushroom growing out of the side of a tiled building in Brooklyn”

19. “2 squirrels making the same pose at my window.”

20. “He’s just comfortable this way.”

21. Accidental art

22. “Found a skinny door...”

23. Someone brought a rake to a music festival instead of a sign.

24. “This ’fairy ring’ that popped up overnight”

25. “Our cat spilled a glass of water on the coffee table, but none of it got on the floor.”

Have you ever encountered something really unusual? Tell us in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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The key is just an ordinary patented swiss security key.
Almost impossible to pick a lock like this. More modern keys have more circles and elipses with different depths but basically it's the same. In switzerland you'll hardly find a key with "cuts" for a house or appartement.


I must say I have never encountered myself in things these unusual! Have you?


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