25+ Photos That Show Being Kind and Caring to Others Costs Pennies but Means the World

3 years ago

Studies suggest that acts of kindness reduce the risk of early death. Those who volunteer a lot, get more benefits for their health than those who exercise 4 times a week and, in addition to that, they age slower.

Here at Bright Side, we believe that even the smallest act of kindness about other people and animals is that daily happy pill for humanity. We’d love for you to take a look at some do-gooders who didn’t hesitate to offer their shoulders to those who needed it the most.

1. Kids flocking to be around a girl with a disability

“My wife and I were worried our daughter would have a hard time making friends in kindergarten because of the wheel chair. Turns out I have a different problem on my hands.”

2. “My roommate’s dog isn’t doing so well. Our friends came over to comfort her.”

3. “I found & returned a $17,000 ring to a man who treasured it as a memory of his late brother.”

4. “Here is my friend ice skating with his daughter who was born with a deadly genetic disease.”

5. “We finalized our adoption today. Here’s our handsome little dude. We are beyond excited. ”

6. The power of kindness from strangers

A woman fighting cancer posted an update on her Twitter feed hoping for support from her 12 friends. People who didn’t even know her came to give support and inspiring wishes.

7. “My daughter found out that our postman was a former soccer player and asked him to teach her.”

8. Saving a trapped bird

“Yesterday we discovered that a mourning dove had been trapped in our chimney for hours. With his iPhone, a flashlight taped to a board, and FaceTime guiding the way, hubby was able to retrieve the poor thing. It recovered & was released this morning.”

9. A kid spreading kindness

“My 6-year-old daughter: she sees what’s on the news, we explained what happened to George Floyd, and she was mortified. Today she made a sign and is doing her own peaceful protest in our front yard.”

10. “It was rainy today. I spotted this man drying his dogs with a towel and hugging them before putting them in his car.”

11. Absolute strangers offered their helping hands to this family.

“My wife and I are in rough shape thanks to the government shutdown, but after mentioning it in a comment thread this happened. So thank you, anonymous people.”

12. This man plays in public to raise money for homeless people.

13. “I’ve officially cleaned up 7,000 trash bags of litter in my lifetime.”

14. “Today I served homemade food to homeless people. Nothing can stop us from spreading love.”

15. “This man giving out free haircuts to the homeless. These are the things that give me hope for humanity.”

16. Homeless people need attention the most.

“After weeks of conversing with this homeless man, I finally made and gave him enough money to allow him to get back home.”

17.Sometimes a smile and a kind word works wonders.

“Many would overlook this homeless lady on the street, but if you took the time to stop and say hello, you would see her magical emerald eyes.”

18. “A homeless woman caught someone stealing my bike so I had her and her son over for Christmas.”

19. This wave of goodwill can be seen in many countries

The movement “Free on a Tree” was started by a 10-year-old boy. People in many countries follow it by putting clothes for those in need, right onto trees.

20. Here’s what a little love and care can do.

21.Giving attention to those who need it the most.

“I help kids from Nsoko, Eswatini. Apart from delivering food and clean water, I get to play and communicate with them.”

22. Helping a homeless kid without demeaning him.

So this little dude’s name is Simon and he spends his days on the streets in Tbilisi, Georgia. He strictly refuses to take handouts and money like a beggar, instead, he’ll do a small drawing on your hand for approximately 50 cents. These guys wanted to help him out and figured out a way to give him a larger sum of money without being demeaning or patronizing.

23. “I was walking down the street when I saw this. Animals are more humane than humans.”

24. The students arranged a campaign to help their classmate with a mental disorder believe in herself.

“This is my cousin Maureen, she’s a senior at Roane County High School. She is also very mentally disabled, will never be over the capacity of a 7-year-old. She loves princesses and her room looks like Disney Land. This year her classmates arranged a campaign to move Maureen from Princess to Queen. They even made T-Shirts.”

25. “Kids come to our local shelter to read to the dogs. This one broke my heart.”

26. “I raise orphaned animals, and here’s a baby squirrel in a sweater that I made for him from a baby sock.”

How does your kindness usually return to you in life?

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