20+ striking photos that had no help from Photoshop

9 months ago

Our planet is truly unique and wonderful, and the miracles that can happen at any moment make us admire the world around us. All we really need is to see this beauty in front of us. That’s why Bright Side collected photos from all over the world that you cannot help but enjoy.

The sky’s reflection looking like a portal to another world

Little watermelon

A stunning thunderstorm

Inside a guitar

This is how snow falls in the Altai

At the bottom of the metropolis

The artists’ academy

The road that stopped a fire

Flying under the moon

Thunderstorm formation — view from a plane from 11,000 meters

A turtle covered in algae

Thor appears in Novorossiysk

Shining mountain

A rocket’s flight

Sometimes a stone can break a windshield beautifully

A white border between Italy and Switzerland

How rain looks through a porthole

What’s hidden under the icebergs

A firefall at sunset

... and the game stopped

Japanese synchronized swimmer Saho Harada

An airplane carrying a rainbow

Pancake ice

Solar eclipse in Canyon de Chelly nature reserve, Arizona

Preview photo credit Andrey Mikhailov


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