19 Terrific Furniture Inventions That Show How We Want to Live

2 months ago

After a house and a car, furniture is the third most expensive item we spend our savings on. We do our best to make our homes more comfortable and express ourselves through our decor. According to British scientist, Professor Gosling, we use our homes to make purposeful and deliberate statements about ourselves. Maybe the craziest furniture inventions are the ones that express our modern view of the world the best.

Bright Side has found some fresh ideas that will definitely make your home special.

1. We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.

2. More french fries for those who cannot stop dreaming about food.

3. A flexible bookshelf can save your space

4. That dream about working in bed finally came true.

5. Absolutely animal-friendly furniture

6. This Boeing 737 Engine cowling chair is made with real plane parts.

7. A Bcompact staircase

8. If you cannot choose between watching TV and going to bed, this invention is for you.

9. It’s not just an eco-friendly segment chair, it has a built-in charger and a LED lamp.

10. Look, these magnetic pieces really do float separately from one another.

11. An accordion sofa is also really eco-friendly.

12. These creative shelves by PinPres give you freedom of choice in the details.

13. A bath lounge for reading in the bath, like a boss

14. A dune, for family-time and togetherness aficionados

15. A very neat table with space for extra cups inside

16. Office furniture designed for people who work from home

17. A grass bed for hot summer days

18. It peels open like an orange!

19. This table converts into a bookshelf.

What invention seems the most useful to you? Which one would you buy right away? Share your ideas with us and invite your comfort-loving friends to read it.


#5 is way better than alo those animals horns and skins all around the room!
I love the design too.

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