23 Cat Tattoos That Can Leave a Paw Print on Your Heart

10 months ago

Tattoos are so popular that, for example, Americans spend $1.65 billion on them every year. As we know, cats are popular too. And real magic happens when these 2 things combine into one. We get great and unusual images of fluffies that perfectly emphasize their grace, sweetness and beauty.

We at Bright Side love cats and everything that’s connected with them. Therefore, we want to show you beautiful tattoos of these incredible animals. And we warn you that after seeing these, you might also want to get a couple of tattoos.

1. “So...I got a tattoo of our 1-eyed floof.”

2. Beauty in minimalism

3. Cattoo

4. Sleeping with a mini-copy of itself

5. Magnetic eyes

6. 2 cats are better than 1

7. One line is enough to show grace.

8. “The tattoo I got of my cat Spice who passed over the rainbow bridge last year”

9. Here’s what tenderness looks like:

10. Bright colors make everything shine.

11. This kitten fits in the palm of your hand.

12. “Got this tattoo today of my boy who sadly passed away 3 months ago. I had 9 amazing years with him.”

13. Fluffy squad

14. “OMG! Is it me?”

15. “Aristocats” tattoo

16. Exactly the same

17. Art of balancing

18. “I just love her so much and this came out absolutely perfect. My little cosmic goddess, baby girl Stevie!”

19. Don’t mess with this kitty.

20. Cats are never too much.

21. “2 brothers, 1 love”

22. Kittens are experts in romance.

23. The smell of freedom

Would you ever get a cat tattoo? Or maybe you already have one! Share your thoughts and photos in the comments.


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The one named Pasha and Saphira are filled with ash. They where brother and sister and pased away a few months apart.

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