26 Gadgets That Can Turn Your Kitchen Into a Playground

5 years ago

Even though we might not see the capabilities of human inventiveness very often, we are very lucky to live in an era where innovative minds get together and collaborate on the most impressive gadgets that we didn’t even know we needed. Have you ever seen a shrimp peeling device or a heated knife for spreading butter on your toast? In this article, we have it all!

Here at Bright Side, we dug through the whole internet to find the most impressive kitchen gadgets that will turn meal prep into your favorite time of the day!

1. The avocado slicer, for perfect cubes in your salad

2. This cake slicer can cut perfect pieces of cake, without getting your hands dirty.

3. The bacon cooker for a healthier barbeque breakfast

4. Cut neat and juicy pieces of watermelon with this watermelon knife!

5. The one-step portable shrimp peeler

6. Remove fish or any other food odors from your hands with this stainless steel Hand Odor Remover Bar.

7. A whisk wiper that can clean your whisk in just one move

8. A heat-resistant, adjustable, clip-on strainer

9. Fun, denim-style, “muffin-top” baking cups for muffins and cupcakes

10. Peel your oranges, lemons, and grapefruits easily with this little plastic peeler.

11. This silicone safeguard prevents pots and pans from having messy spills!

12. A fun train-shaped taco holder for the dinner table where each taco wagon can act as a plate for each person

13. A heated knife for spreading and melting your butter on your toast

14. A rubber lid gripper to open stubborn lids and jars that refuse to budge

15. Don’t let those 2 pretty eyes fool you, this is a spaghetti strainer!

16. Shake all the magic on top of your dish with these magic wand salt and pepper shakers.

17. A microwave s’mores maker for cozy fall nights

18. A peeler that is shaped like a monkey, for fun cooking with a smile

19. Cut resistant gloves to protect your fingers from messy accidents

20. A spoon rest in the shape of a spill

21. Install this device under your cupboards and open stubborn jars with just one hand.

22. Egg yolk separator with the face of a frog

23. Unicorn sprinkle shaker that can match your unicorn cupcakes

24. Bicycle pizza cutter that resembles the Tour de France

25. The easiest sushi bazooka maker that can make the process of making sushi a lot easier

26. A keyboard waffle iron, for having breakfast at the office

Which of these gadgets surprised you the most and which ones would you like to own? Please let us know in the comments below!


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