20+ Shameless Animals We Love Despite Everything

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Pets owners sometimes feel that it would be a good idea to start writing books or making movies about the ingenious tricks of their fluffy friends. Stealing underwear and shoes from the neighbor’s house, tattering up toilet paper rolls, tearing furniture and even occupying seats on public transport are all things these fluffy hooligans do!

Bright Side collected 21 occasions when the level of animals’ naughtiness was too high.

“My dog made a huge mess and then had the audacity to just sit and chill while I cleaned it up. Just look at his little arm!”

Every morning, Bridget the cat brings her owner men’s socks and underwear. Its owner created a post asking the owners of those things to respond in order to get back their belongings.

“If she feels she isn’t getting enough attention, she’ll pick up anything in sight to make you tend to her.”

“Is it just me or is he really proud of the mess he made?”

“My cat is the ’kindest’ pet ever.”

“Didn’t want the cat to splash my shorts when I was giving him a bath so I took them off. Found him in the bedroom after.”

Capybara: “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

When you simply want some attention:

“This squirrel stole my bagel...”

“He takes my hand towel and uses it to make the sink extra comfy...”

“She only sleeps on top of other dogs.”

The ruined couch and its occupant

“My dog looks as if he had done something really important. In fact, he opened the window in the car wash.”

“My cat stole my dog’s bone but the dog is too nice to take it back so instead he is just watching and whining.”

“He rolled in chalk, now he’s the art.”

“Just hung it for drying!”

“When I saw my cat after discovering all this mess I didn’t believe that she was guilty.”

“Caught him trying to pickpocket my mom’s purse.”

This cat is trying to steal fish again. It’s not the first time — on December 2014 she snuck into one of the fish shops and ate its seafood costing $1,000.

“Yes, this is quite comfortable. I shall sit here.”

“I’ve given up on privacy...”

Have your pets ever done any tricks? Please tell or show them to us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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