28 Misleading Photos We Ought to Look at More Than Once

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One of the most important things about a photograph is its use of angles. It can make a shot great or it can spoil it completely. Then there are the times when we capture weird angles, causing us to see something that is not even there.

For example, in the photo below there are more than 10 hidden faces. Can you find them all? The answer is waiting for you at the end of the article.

While you are pondering on this mysterious picture, Bright Side is going to show you a set of other funny illusions that play tricks on our eyes, leaving us wiping our computer or phone screens to see it more clearly.

It’s good to have three arms...

...or a very long arm.

This truck is parked in such a way that it looks like giants are looking over the fence.

“Mom thought I was smoking a joint.”

Excellent mohawk hairdo

It seems there is something wrong with this ruler...

He looks calm for a burning person.

It’s just a windowsill but it looks as if someone is crossing the ocean.

A very attentive driver

An almost invisible building

“Captain, our ship got stuck!”

Not only people take selfies...

A photo where something went very wrong

We have an unusual worker.

A very tall girl

What a cute ghost!

Oh no, that’s a flying head!

There are centaurs among us.

Teleportation of a kitten

Nature itself is watching us.

Liquid cat

It looks like a building but these are just Ethernet ports.

Fire this designer!

Translation: a lid handle

At first glance, this girl is very flexible.

Not the best mirror positioning

There is a clinging film here. Can you see it?

“Congratulations on your new degree! Wait a minute...”

Finally, it’s time for the answer to the first picture! There are 14 faces in this picture. Did you manage to spot them all?

Which of these photos made you laugh the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit LG Viewty Smart


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