28 Pets Who Hate Selfies but Still Look Very Cute

5 years ago

If you have a pet, you most likely already know that animals are free spirits and, most of the time, they refuse to follow our lead. As much as we love taking pictures with our lovable pets, they might be on a totally different page. Gordon Gallup says that there is no evidence that domestic animals can recognize themselves in the mirror and maybe that’s why they hate seeing a strange object, like a phone camera shoved in front of their faces. And their answer to that is simply to act grumpy and silly.

Bright Side collected a series of selfies where pets were absolutely unwilling to pose next to their human friends.

1. Cuteness is a state of mind.

2. It’s too early in the morning!

3. “I am going to keep ignoring you until you take away that camera.”

4. Let’s take a picture to remember the happy occasion!

5. “I’m too special to be grumpy.”

6. Anyone can pull off the surprised look.

7. “No, you will not take a serious picture of me.”

8. “We’re partners in crime.”

9. Being silly in bed

10. Pretending to think about life

11. “You see that rage? It’s coming your way!”

12. This was a warning shot:

13. “I’ve simply accepted my fate.”

14. “Come on now, human. I was sleeping.”

15. Is there any time of the day that you’re not cute?

16. “If only I had a middle finger to raise.”

17. Monday’s in. Tongue’s out.

18. An unwanted photobomb

19. Just stay calm!

20. Found a new method to avoid photos...

21. So, what are we looking at?

22. “Yes, human, I am looking at you. Put that phone away.”

23. “Just follow my lead, little buddy.”

24. Look at that manicure!

25. “I don’t want any kisses from you.”

26. “I am going to murder you in your sleep.”

27. “Just take my paw and leave me alone.”

28. “Please, someone help me.”

Did you ever sense that your pet was 100% against selfies and would wish to snatch the phone away from your hands? Please share your experience with us down in the comments section below.


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