28 Real Creatures That Won the Genetic Lottery

4 years ago

It seems we know everything about the creatures that live on this planet. But there are some species that can amaze even those who think there’s nothing left that can surprise them.

Bright Side is inspired by natural beauty in wildlife and wants to remind you that it’s really important to save our incredible world.

The Elephant Shrew

Costasiella Kuroshimae (a slug)

The Silkie

The Vietnamese Mossy frog

The Malayan tapir

The Highland cow

The sand cat

The Binturong

The North American porcupine

The Silky anteater

The Great Curassow

The Spiny Devil katydid

The Antelope jackrabbit

The Fossa

The Numbat

The Sugar Glider

The African wild dog

The Common Dwarf mongoose

The Shetland pony

The Crowned Sifaka

The Leadbeater’s possum

The Pygmy hippopotamus

The Java mouse-deer

Pseudocheiridae (a possum)

The English Lop

The Magnificent Frigatebird

The blue-eyed black lemur

The Lesser Kudu

Which animal is the strangest in the world? What do you think?

Preview photo credit loopdeloops / reddit


The Silky anteater looks like a super cute version of a sloth...Aaaa I love it ?

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