30 Customers Who Made Shopping Unforgettable

3 years ago

We live in a world where anything is possible - or almost possible. When it comes to our everyday image, most of us prefer a classic style. Yet there are people with a totally different approach to appearences. You might enter a store on the most normal day and come across one of these most unusual people. And we promise, you will remember it forever.

Bright Side has collected 30 photographs of people shopping, who definitely made an lasting impression on the people passing by.

1. Shopping should be festive!

2. When you go somewhere, a perfect hairdo is a must.

3. Who says only children can ride in a cart?

4. Try it, before you buy it.

5. You little genius!

6. Met a new roller disco princess.

7. These shoes would be great jumping rings for dogs.

8. Huh, this leopard suit really resembles a pineapple.

9. Tiara eyebrows, for those trying to reveal their inner princess.

10. Hey, dude, so what does the fox say?

11. Lady, there's a concert I'd love to take you to.

12. "Wow! I wish I had her hair!"

13. This man knows how to get what he wants.

14. Umm...

15. He looks pretty fashionable, don't you think?

16. "Mom, I wanna go home & play games!"

17. "Holy crib! What are you?"

18. Their fashion sense will make you cry.

19. When you miss Christmas more than anything.

20. He makes me think of The Rock and The Croods at the same time.

21. If your life is too hard, just be a rainbow pony.

22. Walmart has never, ever seen a more fashionable customer.

23. Who called Batman?

24. Panties are the new hats!

25. The moment when you want to tell the whole world about your obsession.

26. I knew they were real!

27. The real sociopath: "I don't see you, you don't see me."

28. Tuxedo mask.

29. If you don't want to buy anything for your kid, just keep them close.

30. And remember: shopping should be relaxing!

Ever met these characters in real life? Share your impressions (and pictures, we love pictures) in the comments below!

Preview photo credit aeppsii / imgur, onuiuno / pikabu


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