30 Items Under £25 That Will Finally Turn Your House Into a Home

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Not all people have a perfect design style or perfect taste. But it’s not a big problem if you know which things are able to turn your house into a welcoming home. People shared what helps them add coziness to their spaces, and it turns out it’s all about mood lighting, texture, intimate spaces, scented candles, and family photos. We analyzed some budget-friendly options and listed the best of them here to help you inject some cozy vibes into your place.

1. Add the “scent of tranquility” to your home with this natural lavender essential oil. You can use it for various purposes, like aromatherapy, massage, or skincare.

An essential oil without additives that is collected from flowers grown in France. It can be used for face and body, but make sure to read the instructions first. There are a huge variety of scents is available.

Promising review: Lovely scent. Therapeutic when mixed with a massage base and absorbed into your skin by massaging your neck and shoulders. Sprinkle some drops on your pillow at bedtime. Will buy again. @Liz Edwards

2. These soft, faux fur pillowcases will be the best addition to a plush rug you’ll find in the list below. However, if you don’t have a rug and don’t want to buy one, the pillowcases will still be great for decorating your bedroom or living room.

There are 2 pillowcases in the package. You can choose from different sizes and colors. They can be machine washed at a low temperature.

Promising review: The quality of the material is very good. These pillowcases are very soft and are very good quality for the money. @Dagma Millar

3. Hide imperfections on your walls or just add a natural vibe to your room with this artificial ivy. It’s also a great option for those who adore greenery but who don’t really have time (patience or talent) to grow a plant at home.

Although this garland is made of silk and plastic, it looks very realistic. It is durable and reusable and can be used both at home and outdoors.

Promising review: Bought these for my home to hang from the ceiling, and they are perfect. The thickness is great, and the quality of the leaves is better than I expected. I’ve cut them to size, but they all come off the same length and are wrapped up nicely.
I would recommend washing them while they are tied up before using them, as a lot of green dye came out of the leaves. But the quality was amazing — better than expected. @Joann

4. These wax hearts, with an amazing but not overpowering scent, will create a romantic mood in your home. The wax melts for an average of 6 hours or more. You can use them alone or combine them with essential oils.

There are 16 wax hearts in the set. They are made from natural vegetable wax and available in a variety of colors and flavors.

Promising review: These little wax hearts smell gorgeous. The scent lasts for ages and, more importantly, masks the smell of my dogs.
Came neatly packed in a little box with paper covering the melts and a little card about the company. These would make an ideal gift. Highly recommend. @lynne furlong

5. What could be more pleasant than pretty flowers that aren’t begging for care? This bouquet will decorate any room of your home. Also, you can mix them with other flowers to create a composition or use them alone.

The bouquet comes with 12 flower stems. Each large stem has 3 small stems and about 81 flowers. A great thing is that it won’t fade or wither for a long time.

Promising review: Wow!! I don’t have enough time to replenish my flower vase all the time, so I thought I’d make the decision to buy some artificial flowers.
I was a bit skeptical as I think they do look rather tacky, but I was really amazed at how real these look! You could never tell! They really look like the real thing, and I am overly delighted with how they have turned out. Extremely happy @Holly Jones

6. These wicker boxes will be great for storing your essentials in any room, whether at the bedside or in the bathroom. Plus, they will create visual order.

This basket set of 4 will help you organize odds and ends. It’s carefully handcrafted from recyclable paper for eco-friendly storage. To clean it, wipe the basket with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

Promising review: These boxes were cheap, so I wasn’t expecting much, but they are very nicely made with no rough bits, and the sides and base are rigid, so they don’t collapse. I only needed one box to put my keys in, and I got these as they were so cheap. However, I shall have to think of something else for my keys now as this set of boxes is destined for greater things! @Possum of Reeker

7. This vase will become an eye candy for any interior. It’s roomy and sturdy enough to hold a large bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers.

The vase is made of solid and colored translucent glass and is available in 3 colors.

Promising review: I absolutely love this. Looks so gorgeous, and I love the color of the glass. So elegant. Very good quality, and it arrived packed so well. Love it @kornetto

8. Create a relaxing atmosphere at home with this hyperrealistic moon lamp. Its moon-like surface was created using 3D printing technology and is based on astronomical data provided by NASA. The lamp rests on a ceramic arm, adding an out-of-this-world touch to your room’s decor.

With the moonlight LED lamp, you can easily switch the light color from moon white to warm yellow by pressing the touch-sensitive mini switch on the bottom. You can also press to adjust the brightness and create a cozy or cool atmosphere. Now, the moon in the palm of your hand is a reality.

Promising review: These are stunning! I have purchased 4 in total, in 3 different sizes, as gifts, and all are equally beautiful. I’m next on the list! They are light yet very well-made. I love the option of a warm or cool glow with the added option to brighten or dim.
When on display, there’s no ugly wire or replacement batteries as you simply just charge it via the handy USB provided and can even hold it in your hand while it’s on. Each person has been delighted with their gift, and a couple have already purchased them for gifts too. You will not be disappointed. @Laura

9. The black pinboard isn’t just a storage space. It can also be used as a decoration element in the living room, as a memo board in the kitchen, or as a creative corner in your kids’ room.

With the wall grid, you can rearrange your space any way you like. In addition to the 2 photo walls with brackets, you also get lots of accessories — 10 wooden clips, 6 S-shaped metal hooks, and 2 baskets, so you can individually design the pinboard grid and work your creativity.

Promising review: Goes well in my kitchen as a notice board. Can clip, hang notices, and it is a focal point for my busy family to keep up to date. Can also move the trays and decorate it as you wish. Good value for money and very sturdy too @Amazon Customer

10. A lamp made of natural Himalayan salt will be a great addition to your home. It has the ability to increase serotonin levels, reduce stress, and improve mood.

This salt lamp is hand carved from 100% natural crystalline Himalayan rock salt. Crystalline salt is said to help cure many diseases. Bioenergetic therapists and homeopaths recommend crystal salt lamps for the treatment of allergies and respiratory and circulatory system diseases.

Because of their beautiful and rich colors, salt lamps are also used in color therapy, i.e., chromotherapy. Their calming light helps neurotic people and those suffering from insomnia.

Promising review: I wish I had gotten a Himalayan salt lamp sooner. It sits on the end of my mantelpiece, and my eyes are constantly drawn to the soft yet strong glow. As soon as I switch it on, it is instantly calming.
It is very heavy and well-made. It was very easily set up in only a couple of minutes, and the dimmer switch is a welcome addition. I am very happy with my purchase and will certainly be buying another one. @Normajoanie

11. Salvador Dalí fans, and anyone who loves unique interior details, will love this melting clock. The surrealistic but functional decoration will stand out in any room. It is practical enough for everyday use and can hang from any flat surface.

On the one hand, this clock looks like it came straight out of a painting by Dalí, but on the other hand, it’s as affordable as any other clock. Its classic yet unique design will match any style and is available in various colors.

Promising review: Salvador would be proud! I found just the perfect place for this — a gentle reminder that time melts away unless you stay cool!😎 @Eleyna

12. This sheep will keep your guests smiling when they see it! It’ll also help you keep an eye on the toilet roll stock.

This toilet paper holder can fit 7 full-size rolls. You can put it on the floor or on the wall. Along with adding a sense of humor and fun to your bathroom, it’s finished in a smooth, stylish powder black. It won’t stand out too much — just enough to make people smile.

Promising review: Omg, I love this thing! And so do my guests. But seriously, this thing is so awesome, I’d take it with me anywhere in the world. If you don’t laugh when you see this, you’re dead on the outside as well. @Just a girl in the world

13. Bring joy to your home and brighten up your space with these adorable plant pots!

These pots are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you see them. Whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or a novice plant enthusiast, this is the perfect way to showcase your favorite plants and add a touch of whimsy to your home.

Promising review: I’m very happy with these planters. They are small but perfect for little succulents. The quality is far better than I was expecting, and the little bamboo tray the pots sit on is neat and well-made.
The colors are muted and blend really well together. I have them lined up on the kitchen windowsill, and it makes a lovely display. Definitely recommended if you need mini pots. @Maviscruet

14. These golden candles, with no flame, will fit into any decor and create a flickering atmosphere all year round. These candles create a romantic mood and fill your home with light.

These realistic flameless glass candles imitate real flames. They contain real wax in a glass container. Candles create a cozy feeling by gently flickering and emitting a warm white light. You can control them with the remote control.

Promising review: Very beautiful led candles. They flicker, and you would never know that they aren’t real! I love how they look and the relaxing feeling they bring to the living room. The remote is great too, which makes it so much easier to turn them on.
You have some timer options, but I haven’t tried them yet. I’m not sure how long the batteries will last as I only just used them for the first time, so we will see. Each candle takes 2 AA batteries, so make sure you have plenty as they don’t come with the candles. @Weronika

15. This jewelry holder is the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics. The stand and tray of the product are made of soft wood that won’t damage or scratch your jewelry.

This jewelry holder has practical hooks and holders for various types of jewelry. The soft cushion on the bottom will prevent noise and scratches on the table when you move it.

Promising review: I love this product. It is good quality and affordable. There is so much space to store my daughters’ everyday hair accessories.
The design makes everything easily accessible, which takes the fuss out of getting her ready. It also looks great on her dressing table. I am very happy! @cake

16. This candle lantern will create the charming atmosphere of an old castle or coziness and warmth in your home. The great thing is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors and light up the darkness anywhere. Moreover, it’ll be your savior if you ever lose electricity.

This lantern is versatile and portable. You can hang it or put it on a flat surface. It uses tea-light, votive, or small pillar candles up to 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm. Mind that the candles aren’t included in the package.

Promising review: This looks gorgeous when you have a lit candle inside. Suits a pillar candle or votive. Would make a lovely gift.
Ideal as a centerpiece on your dining table or on your patio. Wherever you place it, you will receive compliments as it casts beautiful patterns from the glow of the candle inside. @Autumn13

17. These artificial succulents look like living plants and can be placed anywhere, so you can feel the presence of nature. 6 succulents will beautify any room in the house. They are the best choice for those who don’t have time to take care of live plants. They don’t need watering at all and will always remain beautiful.

These succulents will bring coziness and tranquility to any space. They are a small but bright detail that will please the eye. If the plant gets dusty or accidentally dirty, just use a towel with a little water and gently wipe it down — it’s easy and convenient.

Promising review: I really love these succulents — they just look amazing and very realistic. Sometimes all the effort and design go into just the plant, and the base is usually forgotten. Not with these, the base looks amazing too. It has a really nice stone pot effect and, again, looks very realistic, even close up.
The set I received came as a pack of 6, which is great for me. I’ll be placing these on a shelf in the bedroom. I would definitely recommend them. They’re a lovely set and would make an amazing gift too. @Adam

18. This woven moon dreamcatcher with an LED light will add some boho and romantic vibes to your room. It’ll also create a special atmosphere in your bedroom before sleep, or you can just fill in the empty space on your walls with it.

There are so many different dreamcatcher designs out there, but this one caught our eye. It’s super elegant thanks to the woven material and the soft light. Plus, it can be a great gift, no matter the occasion.

Promising review: Love this — it’s so pretty and different. Hung up in my bedroom now. Would recommend. Thank you! @Dinogirl

19. A soft blanket that will never get lost thanks to its glow-in-the-dark stars. Its unique design will bring a twinkly atmosphere to your interior. With this star blanket, your friends, family, and loved ones will have a cozy spot all year round. It will help your children fall asleep and dream the most colorful dreams.

This blanket is perfect for watching TV, lounging on the couch, playing, reading, and camping. It brings warmth and comfort in any season. It can be easily washed in the washing machine. And to recharge, just leave it in bright light.

Remember, the longer the blanket is exposed to the light, the brighter its light will be.

Promising review: Oh my goodness! This blanket feels so soft. It’s perfect for cozying up on the sofa or taking to bed as an added layer of warmth. I love this so much. It’s beautifully made and is very high quality.
I’m surprised it wasn’t more expensive. It’s nice and large too, so it’s great for snuggling while watching a film. The glow-in-the-dark stars shine brightly once charged, but they do need a lot of light. In short, I love this blanket! @Winter Sun

20. This lamp creates a cozy atmosphere and is suitable for any interior. It emits 16 lights onto the wall, ceiling, or floor that create a sunset vibe. It’ll give your bedroom a romantic modern look or make your living room warm and comfy for you and your family. You can also use it for unique photo shoots.

The head of the projection lamp can be rotated 180°, and you can also adjust the size and shape of the projection. The more distance there is between the lamp and the wall, the more light will be cast. The lamp comes with a remote control that you can use to freely switch between the 16 colors and manage the settings.

How to install:

1. Take the product out of the package.
2. Pull the cable down from the side. Align the pole with the base.
3. Rotate the pole to the left by 360°.
4. The installation is complete.

Promising review: I really love it. It came quickly and has many colors, so it’s well worth the price. I would totally recommend. @Ruth

21. Keep calm and enjoy aromatherapy with this elegant ceramic oil burner. It can also be used separately as a candleholder! It comes with a spoon that allows you to insert and remove the candles easily to avoid accidents. The burner will slowly and gradually spread the pleasant aroma of essential oils throughout your home.

This oil burner will probably attract the attention of everyone passing by. It’s a good choice for home and even office decoration. At night, it takes on new colors, shines brightly, and makes your home cozy all around.

How to use:

1. Fill the bowl 2/3 with water.
2. Add 35 drops of the essential oil.
3. Place the lit candle inside.

Promising review: I love this oil burner so much. It’s nice that it’s deep so that if my kids go near it, I don’t have to stress about oily water all over the table. The same is to be said for the candle bowl. It looks great...
Enough to make my fairly plain room look a bit quirkier. I may get another for upstairs. @O

22. A fluffy rug that will help you feel warm and comfortable in your space. There is an anti-slip grip cloth on the bottom of the rug, so wherever it’s placed, it will effectively prevent sliding.

You’ll feel relaxed when you step on this rug. Plus, there are 4 color options and various sizes you can choose from, which means you can find the exact one you need.

Promising review: Absolutely gorgeous mats. I bought 2, one pink and one gray. They are so soft to walk on and look fab! They don’t shred at all and fluff up lovely.
Great service and a great price. I highly recommend them. @vivienne

23. Keep your jewelry in order when you take it off and forget about it getting lost. This mini elephant can also decorate any of your rooms.

This ring holder is made of ceramic and is available in many forms: you can buy a dino, a cactus, an aloe, a succulent, a flamingo, or a cat.

Promising review: This is a very nice, cute ring holder and ornament. The elephant sits in a small dish, which is ideal for holding earrings as well. Really pleased with my purchase. @SuMark

24. Battery-powered fairy lights that look like they’ve been spilled from a magic bottle... You can use them to display photos in a pretty and nice way or to brighten up any area you want, like stairs, walls, or your kitchen.

The lights can be used both inside and outside and the battery case is waterproof.

Promising review: These lights are absolutely perfect! They fit into my room perfectly, and the pegs are durable, a good size, and sturdy. They look beautiful and have 2 settings. @Charli

25. The unique and beautiful macramé on this cozy hanging shelf will decorate your interior and fit perfectly into any room. The shelf is made of 100% pine wood, which is very strong and durable.

This shelf is suitable for your room, garden, terrace, balcony, office, kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom to create a dreamy bohemian space. The boho style will bring an exotic accent to your home.

Promising review: Absolutely gorgeous. It’s really well-made and worth every penny. @Amazon Customer

26. Save space in your bathroom and keep it clean and tidy with these storage pods. The set contains 3 holders: 1 pad holder and 2 swab holders.

The multifunctional organizer can store not only pads but also cosmetics. The lids are made of natural bamboo, which is healthy, eco-friendly, and waterproof.

Promising review: I love these — they’re perfect and make my room look super pretty and tidy. I use them for cotton pads, my beauty blenders, and hairbands and ties. You can use them for whatever you like, highly recommend. @jessie

27. If you want to give your home a modern look, this statue seems like a perfect choice. It’ll add a unique touch to your room and remind everyone that silence is golden.

The silent statue is made out of high-quality resin, making it environmentally friendly. Plus, it’s durable and wear-resistant. It’s designed in a contemporary style with vivid lines, a smooth surface, and an almost abstract design.

Promising review: I’ve been wanting this for ages, took the plunge, and so glad I did. I love it. It’s so unusual and modern, and I love the name of it: Silence is Golden, and in my noisy household, I can now point to him and say, “Shush!” @betty

28. This plastic hand-shaped jewelry holder is a truly artistic gift. Designed to display rings, necklaces, and bracelets, it keeps your space organized. It also helps you avoid losing your jewelry. It’s a cute and simple item with bright colors and an original design!

The stand is made of plastic, making it durable, portable, and easy to clean and maintain. According to reviews, its size and straightforward design make it perfect for your nightstand, so you can put your jewelry on it before going to bed.

Promising review: This is exactly what I wanted, and it’s very sturdy. It doesn’t feel cheaply made or like it’s going to fall over. Very happy with it @Shelby

29. Replace boring door pulls with these pink hearts. You can use them in a children’s room as well as on your closet, dresser, and other cabinet doors at home.

The set includes 10 pieces with screws. The knobs are made of ceramic with glazing. They look shiny, are soft to the touch, and won’t scratch your hands.

Promising review: Love them! Really made a difference to the drawers and cupboards in my kitchen. Good quality, cute color, & true to the pictures. @Joanna Rose

30. This vintage solar garden lantern will brighten up your cozy evenings during summer and warm you up with its glow when it’s cold and windy outside. It’ll accompany you during long, intimate talks with your loved ones and when you read or do your hobbies.

Check out this eye candy and enjoy its gorgeous lighting effects. Soft orange diffused light is suitable for any occasion. This lantern is also waterproof, which means it’ll work well in any weather, be it wind, rain, snow, or frost. You can place it on any flat surface or hang it on branches or in arched doorways to create a special atmosphere in your space.

Promising review: I absolutely love this lamp. When not lit, it still looks beautiful as the orange color inside shows through. When lit, it is bright, and the pattern shines all around it on the floor. If it’s a nice night, I hang it on the washing line, and it casts the pattern all over the patio. I also like to put it on the table at the top of my stairs — it’s like a pretty night light. @Diane

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