30 Manly Actors With Dazzling Charisma That Turned Our Hearts to Mush

4 years ago

There are many reasons to choose a movie, but let’s face it, the stars who play the leading roles are on top. There are certain actors who have stolen our hearts and we cannot stop watching their films over and over again.

At Bright Side we gathered 30 of the most seductive actors who have the talent to captivate you on screen no matter what.

1. Idris Elba

2. Gerard Butler

3. Dwayne Johnson

4. Tom Hardy

5. Ewan McGregor

6. Chris Hemsworth

7. Denzel Washington

8. Harrison Ford

9. Ben Affleck

10. Bruce Willis

11. Mads Mikkelsen

12. George Clooney

13. Javier Bardem

14. Benicio del Toro

15. Arnold Schwarzenegger

16. Antonio Banderas

17. Jack Nicholson

18. Tom Selleck

19. Russell Crowe

20. Hugh Jackman

21. Samuel L. Jackson

22. Robert De Niro

23. Joe Manganiello

24. Robert Downey Jr.

25. Brad Pitt

26. Leonardo DiCaprio

27. Wesley Snipes

28. Michael Fassbender

29. Jean-Claude Van Damme

30. Jason Statham

Everyone has at least one celebrity crush in their life. Who are those celebs that have won your hearts? Share their names in the comments.


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Where’s zac efron?

And sam claflin( especially in me before you and hunger games) ?


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