5 Bold Women Who Challenged the Stereotype of 20-something Influencers

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In an industry as old as fashion, there were always new trends to catch up to, and particular colors or textures that became our wardrobe’s “must-haves.” Modern life has shown us that this approach has expired, there is no longer a single way to dress that works for all — we are, with all of our flaws and charms, our own unique selves.

Dressing up is not age-based and a portrayal of fashion should not be either. This is the idea that brings these 5 bold women together. And today at Bright Side, we were very inspired by them, and we’d like to share the stories of these influencer trailblazers with you.

1. Maye Musk

Besides the fact that she is the mother of the world-renowned Elon Musk, Maye Musk is pursuing an influencership of beauty herself. “Red carpet invites only started at the age of 68. Don’t give up!” she says in an interview she did with Vogue. Her modeling career initially started when she became a finalist in the 1969 Miss South Africa Beauty Competition.

You may have noticed her extravagant style, as she likes to experiment with her outfits every now and then. Her colorful style must be a reflection of the cultures she’s been exposed to, starting her journey in South Africa all the way to Regina, Canada, her original hometown.

2. Lyn Slater

“I am certainly not conventionally ‘beautiful,’ but my attitude seems to make others think I am,” the icon says as she shares her story of challenging the conventional. Beauty should not consist of appearances or specific ages, the later ages are still considered beautiful, and this is the norm she’s been publicly addressing. She calls on the media to change their representations of older ages. If you ask her fans, she is a real “badass.”

3. Grece Ghanem

From her perspective, she owes her beauty to her own self-confidence and by this definition, beauty does not change with age. Like Maya, she likes experimenting with her clothes, and she doesn’t follow any specific beauty trends — other than what works best for her. She adds that her growth and self-confidence are a key part of her beauty.

Moreover, like Slater, she refuses to let her age take its toll on her future opportunities. Her best efforts now challenge the current stereotype of influencers, who are, generally speaking, in their 20s. She portrays, as a real-life example, an Influencer for those who follow her passion.

4. JoAni Johnson

Johnson is the real-life portrayal of indigenous beauty, connected to the contemporary yet saving her bonds with mother nature. She sees beauty trends more as instinctual decisions and is excited to try new ones each day. Yet, we know her as another challenger of the fashion industry.

For Johnson, a model, regardless of her age and gender, should just be referred to as a model. These so-called qualities should not get in the way of an individual pursuing the lifestyle they want.

5. Jan de Villeneuve

Jan says that she never really wanted to prioritize beauty in her life, that she wouldn’t put heavy make-up on besides during the gigs she was working. Like the Accidental Icon, she is urging the media to accept aging as it is, as an irreversible part of our lives.

She also feels proud now that older women are in the dimension of fashion, saying that love for fashion is independent of age. “I’ve always thought it would be nice if people of all ages, shapes, and sizes were included because that’s more relevant to day-to-day life,” says the 77-year-old model.

What are other “flaws” in the world that you’d to become an influencer to challenge?


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