5 Reasons Why Dating Less Attractive Men Makes You Happier

Dating a guy who isn’t conventionally attractive has its benefits. In high school, most girls wanted to date the hottest guy, but as you grew up, you began to realize that what really matters is finding someone who truly appreciates you for who you are, both inside and out. Take a look around, maybe there’s someone who has eyes for you and you just don’t notice it.

1. They’re easier to approach.

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Beauty is power, yet it can backfire. Men go through something like a brain freeze and back off when they see a stunning girl.

Meanwhile, women make plans on how to approach a handsome man, trying not to be just another girl on his list. Not to mention that it’s already hard to approach someone, as their beauty adds up to the overall discomfort. Average-looking people, however, win a point here.

2. They treat you better.

Less attractive guys complement their appearance with love and appreciation. They make you smile and are there for you when you’re at your lowest because you’re one in a million for them.

3. You don’t feel pressured.

One study found that wives who were married to attractive husbands were more prone to eating disorders and inadequate self-esteem. Most of them reported “feeling extremely guilty after eating” or being “terrified of gaining weight.” In a nutshell, the wives didn’t want to fall short of their handsome husbands’ expectations.

4. Less attractive husbands do chores.

Less aesthetically-gifted husbands show random acts of kindness more often and, attention ladies, do extra housework. As a bonus, they also give more presents.

5. They value the relationship.

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Attractive people have more options to choose from. According to a psychologist, less handsome guys don’t often have opportunities for one-night stands or flings. That’s why the only viable option is to find one long-term partner and invest all their time in the relationship.

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