5 Ways Retail Therapy Helps Spark Up Your Relationship

2 years ago

More often than not, couples may hit their peak by going through the motions, like family obligations, health problems, and money issues. This can make you question where the spark in the relationship went, but retail therapy may help get your bond back.

Bright Side offers a list of reasons why retail therapy can help bring the excitement back to your relationship.

1. The “feel good” hormones activate.

When we buy something, our brain does a little magic trick with endorphins and dopamine, releasing the “feel good” emotions. This can better the mood plus boost your relationship.

You don’t need to buy something expensive to brighten your relationship, it’s the journey you 2 are going through that counts. That’s why spending money on a cheap gift may even have a better outcome than an expensive one. Another fun fact is that your endorphins don’t only kick in when you’ve already bought something, but they can also appear before you receive a package. It’s time to order that cozy sweater your partner was talking about!

2. Spend quality time together.

It’s very important for couples to spend quality time together. For some, going on vacations is viewed as intimate and delightful, but for others, it can be much simpler than that.

You can make your relationship with your partner fun and romantic by going to a new store instead of visiting the same old places. Doing simple things, such as buying water bottles for the next week together, can be fun if you let it.

3. It may help with discovering more about your partner.

Not only will shopping together put both of you in better moods, but it may also help you reconnect and rediscover each other. You might find out your partner’s likes and dislikes when it comes to certain clothes, and this way, you can understand each other’s shopping styles and preferences.

4. Buy bright and colorful clothes.

A study suggests that retail therapy is connected to feelings of jealousy. If you are jealous that your partner is giving someone else more attention, it may help to buy an eye-catching, colorful shirt or dress, as this can help you get your spark back. Jealousy can drive you to buy things that will most likely capture your partner’s attention. It increases your will to buy bright clothes instead of toned-down ones.

5. Make the first move.

Not taking initiative may be one of the setbacks in your relationship — this is important because it lets your partner know you want to spend time with them, thus reducing the chances of boredom in your relationship.

You might visit the mall and end up not buying anything, but this doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, one of the main purposes of gift-giving is care. You don’t need to travel to fancy places to improve your relationship. Simplicity may be the ultimate game-changer.

Will you try retail therapy with your partner? How often will you go shopping together?


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