5 Ways to Improve Your Body Shape Even While Sleeping

2 years ago

The correct lighting in your bedroom, the right types of exercises before bedtime, and even the clothes you sleep in — all these things can serve as helping hands for those who want to stay in shape, even while they’re cozily snoring under a warm blanket. Surprisingly, there are even more ways that we either don’t know about or just ignore, that help us fight those extra pounds, even while at rest.

Here at Bright Side, we collected 5 scientifically proven ways to remain in shape even when you relax on your soft pillow at night. We’d love for you to take a look at them together with us.

1. Sleeping with fewer clothes on

When you sleep naked, you get some health benefits, and helping you to lose weight is one of them. Scientists suggest that keeping your body temperature cooler while you sleep makes the body’s metabolism faster because it produces more brown fat to keep you warm.

Brown fat produces heat while it burns calories, and this speeds up your metabolism during the day to help you lose weight. Sleeping without clothes also improves blood circulation, and it’s good for your heart and muscles.

2. Getting enough sleep

Dr. Richard K. Bogan, a sleep researcher, said a sleeping schedule on its own can help us in weight loss. “Sleep is necessary for normal body hormone and immune system function. A sleep-deprived or sleepy brain is a hungry brain,” he said. “Poor sleep leads to weight gain.”

He suggested that an adult person needs roughly 7 and a half to 9 hours of sleep.

3. Doing the right exercising

If you have more muscle mass, it helps you burn more calories, even while you’re sleeping. Doing some exercise daily, especially strength training, may help you lose some pounds. If it’s hard for you to settle down at night, try doing your exercise a couple of hours before bed.

4. Sleeping in a cooler, darker bedroom

According to a study, people who had their bedroom temperature set at 66°F for one month raised the number of calories that their brown fat burned by 42% and boosted their metabolism by 10%.

To lose some pounds while you sleep, try ditching that night light too. Research suggests that light before bedtime decreases the levels of your melatonin, and if you sleep with a light on, it has a huge impact on the circadian regulation of metabolism and becomes the reason for gaining weight, according to the Sleep Foundation. So it’s better to turn off your TV, phone, and any other lights and think about buying blackout curtains to keep out the light from outside.

5. Eating on a schedule

According to nutritionists, meal and sleep times should be kept on the same schedule every day. Charlotte Harrison, a London-based nutritionist, says, “Our body runs on a circadian rhythm, which is its internal clock. Mealtimes have a lot of influence on our circadian rhythm, so scheduling our food intake is very important.”

What is your proven way to stay in shape and look like the bee’s knees?


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