6 Exercises for a Flat Belly That You Can Do Right in a Chair

8 months ago

Office work has a lot of advantages. However, sitting for a long time can do harm to your health and body. A review of 47 scientific research projects indicated that people who experience prolonged sitting can suffer from cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

The good news is that Bright Side found 6 exercises which you can do at your desk to feel fresh and full of energy.

Strengthens abdominal muscles, improves digestion, and helps to burn fat.

Your actions:

  1. Sit down on a chair. Keep your back straight without touching the back of the chair.
  2. Keep your feet on the floor hip-width apart.
  3. Keep your back straight. Lift your right knee, and pull it to your chest. Keep your belly sucked in.
  4. Put your hands on your shin to better stretch your lower abdominal muscles.
  5. Repeat 20-30 times by alternating your knees.

Here all your belly muscles work effectively and gently at the same time.

Your actions:

  1. Keep your legs together.
  2. Hold the sides of the chair with both hands.
  3. While keeping your back straight, lift your knees and pull them to your chest. Your abdominal muscles should be tensed.
  4. Put your feet down, but don’t touch the floor.
  5. Repeat 10-20 times.

Shapes your waist. Oblique muscle workouts help to burn fat from the sides of your belly.

Your actions:

  1. Sit on the chair edge with a straight back. Hold the chair tightly with both hands.
  2. Bend your body to the side, and sit only on one glute.
  3. Keep your legs together, and lift both knees to your chest as described in Exercise 5.
  4. Return to your original position, and bend to the other side.
  5. Repeat 10-20 times on each side.

Helps to burn fat on the belly sides and hips.

Your actions:

  1. Keep your feet on the floor.
  2. Straighten your arms at the level of your shoulders.
  3. Turn your upper body to the right, bend, and touch your left foot with your right hand. Stay in this position for a while.
  4. Return to the original position. Now bend to your right foot, touching it with your left hand.
  5. Repeat 20-30 times, alternating sides with each bend.

Burns fat fast. Makes your belly, back, and shoulder muscles toned. To increase the exercise intensity, you can use a chair with arms. Make sure that your chair is not a rolling one.

Your actions:

  1. While sitting on the chair, hold the arms of the chair tightly.
  2. Lift your body above the chair to make your hips and legs hang in the air. Use your abdominal muscles to raise your knees to your chest.
  3. Stay in this position for at least 15-20 seconds, then slowly return to the original position and have a short break.
  4. Repeat the exercise 4 times.

This exercise is really good for your waist. It makes your oblique and lower abdominal muscles work out. To do it right, make sure your knee meets your opposite elbow. At that moment, your upper body should slightly turn.

Your actions:

  1. Sit on the chair with a straight back without touching the back of the chair. Put your hands behind your head.
  2. Lift your right knee to your chest. At the same time, bend your left elbow to meet your knee.
  3. Return to the original position. Repeat 15 times.
  4. Change the knee and elbow, and repeat another 15 times.
  5. Try to make 4 series of each 15 lifts.

The first 6 exercises are performed on a chair. Now we would like you to stand up and do one more for a greater effect. Don’t go far from the chair! The exercise will strengthen your glutes as well as burn fat on your waist and belly.

Your actions:

  1. Stand behind the chair, and lean on the back of the chair or its arm with your left hand.
  2. Raise your right hand above your head.
  3. Move your raised hand down slowly. At the same time, lift your right leg so that your hand could touch the heel of your foot.
  4. Return to the original position, and repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  5. Change the hand and leg. Repeat 10-15 times.
  6. Make 4 series on each side.

We recommend you do these 7 simple exercises every day.You will not have to wait long for results! You can achieve even greater results if you combine the workout with a healthy diet plan.

Have fun!

Illustrator Daniil Shubin for Bright Side


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