6 Hairstyles for Your Nose Shape

Are you tired of feeling like your nose is the center of attention when you try out a new hairstyle? Well, fear not, friends, because today, we’re going to talk about the perfect hairstyles for your nose type. We’ve got your back — or rather, your head — covered.

With the right hairstyle, you can complement your nose type and show it off in all its glory. So, put down that nose contouring kit and let’s talk about the best hairdos for you.

1. A long nose

Women with strong, long noses benefit from haircuts that frame the face, like a bob. This may help to balance out your features while, at the same time, not hiding your nose away behind your hair. Also, a messy and layered bob can make your nose appear slightly smaller if you’re feeling self-conscious about it.

2. A wide nose

If you have a wide nose, then a part along the center of your head will balance out your facial features nicely. A middle part will help to accentuate your features, like, for instance, Rihanna, who doesn’t shy away from a strong middle part, which fits her face perfectly.

3. A button nose

If you were born with a short, dainty, button nose, then you may want to consider getting your hair cut with some extra texture. This may be in the form of more waves and curls in a shorter cut, like a pixie or a bob. This will allow your nose the space to shine from all angles in all of its glory.

4. A hooked nose

Hooked noses have great character and can be styled with bold cuts, like bangs. This can work to balance out the proportions of the top and lower parts of your face by drawing some of the attention away from your nose. It’s also a fantastic way to show off your nose and embrace it with style.

5. A bulbous nose

This type of nose is typically bottom-heavy with a more fleshy part at the end of it. A nice way to style this type of nose is with a short pixie cut that will both open up your face but also flatten your facial features, including your nose.

6. A turned-up nose

And finally, if you’re someone whose nose is turned up at the end, then you may want to think about getting a textured bob. This soft look won’t strongly emphasize your features, and with a messy side part, you’ll create a nice balance with your nose.


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