6 Healthy Foods That Can Be Unhealthy When You Overeat Them

2 years ago

It might seem like too much of a good thing is never harmful. Many of us fall into the trap of gorging on, say, fruits and vegetables without realizing that they can be just as harmful as sugar or sodium. Luckily, we can avoid all the side effects by eating in moderation.

Bright Side found 6 foods that might turn from friends to foes. You can also check out other foods just to be on guard.

1. Bananas

Eating too many bananas can cause tooth decay. Just like sugar, this fruit can produce tooth-damaging bacteria that hurt your tooth enamel. But the good news, the amount of sugar in bananas is less concentrated. You might also get headaches since ripe bananas are high in tyramine which can be a migraine trigger.
2 bananas a day is considered a healthy amount.

2. Oats

If you overeat oats, you are likely to experience bloating and bowel movement issues. A study showed that the symptoms of constipation can be significantly reduced by lowering the intake of dietary fiber. What’s more, eating too many oats limits the absorption of calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Besides, too many oats causes weight gain, especially if you add too many toppings.
3-6 ounces per day is healthy, depending on your daily calorie intake.

3. Cheese

Large portions of cheese put you at a higher risk of heart disease. This type of food is high in saturated fats which are notorious for causing coronary heart disease. Cheese also often causes heartburn due to the hormone called cholecystokinin, which is released while eating.

4. Rice

Although rice is delicious, it actually contains very few vitamins. If you eat too much rice, you deprive yourself of all the other vitamins. It also makes your insulin levels spike. Most importantly, it might cause poorer mental performance due to low-level arsenic exposure.
The norm is usually around 90 grams of uncooked rice.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli contains thiocyanates which lead to the excessive production of thyroid hormones. As a result, you might experience hair loss, a bloated face, and other ramifications. Broccoli can also cause a stuffy nose and provoke other allergies, like skin rashes or itching.
It’s better to avoid consuming more than 4 cups a day.

6. Blueberries

Blueberries can lower blood glucose below normal which is dangerous for diabetics. The berries also thin blood, so be careful, especially if you take any pills, blueberries can interfere with your medication. You might notice a shortness of breath or irregular breathing as well since blueberries are high in vitamin K.
1 cup of blueberries is a healthy amount.

Do you overeat healthy foods? How do you resist the temptation to eat a lot?


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