The Reason Mosquitoes Love Certain People and 6 Ways to Repell Them

Wooded areas and wetlands are the perfect spot for mosquitos to build their homes and get close to you. But, these are not the only conditions that make them grow, since they can even find their way to your home in the city center. That’s why we decided to find some safe, easy, and cheap traps that you can make yourself at home to get rid of these annoying pests.

1. Use a source of sugar and a plastic bottle

  • You will need: a 2-liter plastic bottle and a source of sugar. It can be honey, plain white sugar with water, fruit, juice, or flowers.
  • How to do it: you will first need to cut the top of the bottle and fill it with your chosen ingredient. Then you need to put the top of the bottle that you cut off upside down inside the bottle. Your best option is to place it in a dark spot in your room and wait for the mosquitoes to get close to it. The sugar will attract them, and they will trap themselves at the bottom of the bottle.

2. Use a plastic bottle and some newspaper

  • You will need: a 2-liter plastic bottle, water, sugar, yeast, and some newspaper.
  • How to do it: like with the previous trick, you will need to cut the top off the bottle and add some warm water with sugar after the water has cooled down. Then you can add some yeast and put the part of the bottle you cut upside down inside the bottle. The last thing you will need to do is place some tape, a cloth, or some newspaper around the bottle in order to make sure that the mosquitoes can’t leave. Also, you will create a darker environment, which they love.

3. Use a plastic bottle with vinegar and baking soda

  • You will need: a 2-liter plastic bottle, tape, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 cup vinegar.
  • How to do it: you will need to repeat the same step as in the previous tricks by cutting the bottle. Add the soda at the bottom, turn the upper part of the bottle upside down, and use the tape to secure it. Then you can add the vinegar and let it bubble. This is what will attract the mosquitoes due to the release of carbon dioxide.

4. Use a bucket, a sock, and a mesh screen

  • You will need: a black small bucket, some thin wire, a sock, a piece of mesh, glue, and stagnant water.
  • How to do it: first, take the bucket and make 2 holes on opposite sides where you will put the wire through. These 2 holes serve as overflow drains. Then, glue the toe of a black sock to the bottom of the inside of the container and pull the rest of the sock up over the rim. Cut a mesh metal screen to fit the top of the container, and press it into the opening, so it sits directly above the overflow holes.
    The last step is to pour stagnant water in the bucket and all over the sock, so everything is wet. Keep this in a shaded spot out on the balcony or in the yard, and make sure to fill it with more water whenever the sock dries up.

5. Use a small dish with soap and a light source

  • You will need: a small dish or ashtray, water, dish soap, and some candles or a lamp.
  • How to do it: add some water and soap into the small container and mix it so that bubbles can be activated. Then you can leave some candles or a lamp around the dish. Mosquitoes are attracted by the heat that these light sources create.

6. Use dryer sheets

  • You will need: a few dryer sheets
  • How to do it: this isn’t exactly a trap, but mostly a repellent. Since mosquitoes hate the smell of fabric softeners, you can use them to your advantage. If you’re sitting in your home, and they are bugging you, just put a dryer sheet in your pocket or directly on your body. They will most likely stay away from you.

BONUS: Why do mosquitoes love certain people and ignore others?

There are many misconceptions about the reasons mosquitoes choose certain people over others. A recent research showed that people that produce high levels of carboxylic acids seem to be very attractive to the annoying bugs. Citric acids are part of these compounds that create a unique odor that is very appealing to mosquitoes. In other words, these “smelly” acids are included in plants and animals and especially in citrus fruit.

Do you have a big mosquito problem where you live? How do you deal with the problem and how much money do you spend trying to get rid of them?


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