6 Reasons Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston’s Friendship Is Proof That You Can Grow and Glow Together

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Friends is many people’s go-to show when they want to unwind. The show tackles a wide range of topics with a deep yet humorous approach that resonates with audiences. And since the series is primarily about friendship, let’s find out what happened to Rachel Green and Monica Geller’s friendship that transcended the screen and made it to reality.

1. Their friendship spans almost 3 decades.

In 1994, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox met on the set of their sitcom, Friends. They became friends after that and have been close ever since. They swiftly went from being co-workers to friends to best friends. Even though the show ended, they remained buddies and played an important role in each other’s lives.

2. They were considered for each other’s parts on Friends.

Everett Collection / East News, WARNER BROS TV / Album/EAST NEWS

The producers of the show wanted Jennifer to play Monica and Courteney to play Rachel. However, they were drawn to their actual roles.

3. They had lunch together every day when they were filming Friends.

They were inseparable during most of the show’s run, and even had lunch together every day for 10 years. Their daily ritual consisted of a cobb salad that Jennifer adorned with turkey bacon, garbanzo beans, and other ingredients that they ate with their other friend, Lisa Kudrow.

4. Courteney was Jennifer’s maid of honor.

Courteney Cox served as maid of honor at Jennifer and Justin Theroux’s discreet wedding and was the last guest to leave at around 3 a.m. This only shows how strong their friendship is.

5. Jennifer is the godmother of Courteney’s daughter.

Like Monica, Courteney struggled with infertility. While Courteney’s character was unable to have children, she became pregnant and gave birth to Coco Arquette. Following Coco’s birth, Jennifer developed a strong bond with her bestie’s daughter and became her proud godmother.

6. Jennifer Aniston wore a dress she stole from Monica Geller’s closet.

There are plenty of people that took inspiration from Monica Geller’s closet, and clearly, Jennifer is a huge fan. Recently, the actress was spotted wearing a very retro-looking dress in an Instagram post with hairstylist Chris McMillan, and it turns out it was from Courteney Cox’s wardrobe.

If anything, this only shows how close they are if Jen got the dress, kept it in a good shape, and wore it after nearly 30 years.

What impact do you think friends have on our lives? What’s the item you took from a friend that you’re not planning on giving back? We’d love to hear about it!


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