6 Riddles Invented for Born Problem Solvers

3 years ago

The best riddles are those that take an everyday object, idea, or an event and ask us to look at it in ways we would naturally never do.

Bright Side brings you 6 amusing riddles that will challenge the resolve of even the most resolute conundrum crackers. So get comfortable, concentrate, and get cracking!!

3 rooms

You are stuck in the middle room of a 3-roomed house. The middle room you are in only has a window fitted with iron grills. The rooms on either side have doors to exit the house. The room on the left has 2 assassins who are ready to kill you the moment you enter their room.

The room on the right is fitted with solar-powered UV laser guns that kill on sight. How will you escape?


Go out through the exit of the room on your right at night. Since the UV lasers are solar-powered, they will not work during the night.

Fire in the forest

2 friends, James and Michael, are hiking in a very dry forest when they see a huge raging forest fire approaching them. On the other side of the trail is a huge mountain that is impossible to scale to escape. The wind is blowing the forest fire toward them and they think that the fire will reach them in a day. Michael assures James that they are not going to die and that he brought a box of matchsticks, cakes, and enough water to keep them alive for a day.

What is Michael's escape plan?


Forest fires require wood, bushes, or grasses to spread. Using the matchsticks they can start a fire near the cliff. The wind will blow the fire toward the cliff and burn all vegetation in the area. They can then take shelter in the burned down area.

Shot and survived

On a Friday evening, Robert goes to watch a movie starring his favorite actor. Unfortunately, the movie turns out to be boring. Disappointed he goes to the bathroom and finding the bathroom empty he shoots a bullet, using his revolver, between his eyes. After 5 minutes, he comes out of the washroom and goes home alive.

How did he survive the bullet shot?


Robert shot between the eyes of his own reflection that he saw in the mirror in the bathroom.

Reading in darkness

James and his wife Maria were sitting in their family room. While James was watching TV, Maria was reading. At 11 pm there was a power outage so James went to bed, but Maria kept reading.

With no light in the room, how could Maria keep reading?


Maria is able to read in darkness because she is blind and is reading in braille.

Man in black

A man with tan skin, black hair and black clothes was standing on a road with no street lights. A car with its headlamps switched off moving along this road comes to a screeching halt seconds before running him over.

With no street lights and the headlamps switched off, how did the driver of the car see the man?


The driver could see the man because it was daytime and not night.

Trapped inside a building

Donald wakes up and finds himself trapped himself inside a room that has 4 exit doors. The room has a mattress for Donald to sleep on, some food, a water dispenser, and a water bottle so that he does not die of hunger or thirst. As Donald approaches a door to get out, he hears an announcement that warns him of what lies behind each of the 4 doors.

Behind the first door is a 50m room filled with poisonous gas. Behind the second is a bomb that will detonate as soon as the door opens. Behind the third and the fourth doors are venomous snakes and hungry sharks respectively. Which door should Donald choose and why?


Donald can escape using the first door, through the room filled with poisonous gas. He must empty the water dispenser and put it over his face so that no air can enter or leave through it. He can then safely breath the air inside the water dispenser and run across the room filled with poisonous gas.

Which did you find the trickiest? How many could you solve? Let us know in the comments.

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina for Bright Side


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In the Last question, the last door is occupied with Hungry Sharks, and it could be an easy way to escape through it, open the door and the water will flow outside making the sharks unable to move?


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