7 Habits That Help Japanese Women Preserve Their Youth as Long as Possible

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Looking at the modern residents of the Land of the Rising Sun, anyone might think that they possess a recipe for eternal youth. It might sound like a joke but scientific research proves that the aging process is easy on them. And this miracle happens not only due to their genetics but also thanks to a certain regimen of self-care, the details of which we are going to tell you in this article. These pieces of advice are applicable to all skin types and are related to lifestyle in general.

We at Bright Side hope that our recommendations will help you preserve your youth as long as possible. At the end of the article, there is a funny bonus about how the world perceives Japanese women’s beauty.

7. They approach the preservation of their beauty consciously.

Naomi Watts was born in 1968, and Hitomi Kuroki, in 1960.

Japanese women made caring about themselves a kind of worship — they spare neither time nor money when it comes to their beauty. Starting at 20 years old, girls perform certain procedures (which we’ll explore soon) on a daily basis that are meant to preserve the beauty of the face and body as long as possible, and there are many things we can learn from them. So, next time, instead of dedicating another hour to completing house chores, remember to take care of yourself, apply a face mask, and listen to some relaxing music.

6. They arrange bath days, which last the entire day, once a week.

People in Japan have been taking baths in thermal springs called onsens since ancient times. These procedures enrich the body with mineral elements, improve blood circulation, and deepen sleep. This option might not be available for everyone today, and there is actually no need to go splash around in thermal springs.

Modern Japanese women recommend arranging a full bath day at least once a week, and it should go a little something like this:

  • Completely clear your schedule for at least half the day. Nobody should interrupt you, so switch off the phone, send your roommates to the movies, etc.
  • Steam your whole body.
  • Carefully cleanse your body with a shower puff and scrub (you can make the scrub yourself — there are many recipes available on the Internet).
  • Try lying in warm water for a long time (this is important). You should be able to feel your muscles relax.
  • After the bath, apply body oil to your skin.

This simple procedure will improve your lymph flow, relieve muscle spasms, and help get rid of stress if performed regularly.

5. They perform anti-aging massage regularly.

A top cosmetologist from Japan, Chizu Saeki, recommends performing a special massage yourself (if you want to learn more about it, read her book, The Japanese Skincare Revolution: How to Have the Most Beautiful Skin of Your Life At Any Age). If you do the procedure daily, your skin will become firm and tight, which means you can say goodbye to wrinkles or at least postpone their appearance.

Repeat all exercises 3 times with slight movements:

  • Place your fingers on both sides of your lips. Massage the skin by knocking the skin lightly as if you were playing the piano.
  • Firmly press the skin in the center of the forehead and stop for 3 seconds, then slide your fingers toward the temples.
  • Lightly stretch the skin on your forehead with one hand as if you were ironing wrinkles, and hold the second hand on your temple.
  • Pull your forehead muscles upward using both hands in a row.
  • Lightly press the area around your lips. Use your ring and middle fingers to perform this exercise — all the movements should go up and down.
  • Perform circular movements by slightly pressing the area behind the ears.
  • Make light pressing movements in the under brow area with the help of finger pads. Use your middle finger to make a sliding movement along the eyes toward their inner corners.

4. They cleanse and moisturize their skin carefully.

It’s necessary to cleanse and moisturize your face every evening. And if you want to have skin as beautiful as the women from the Land of the Rising Sun, then do it the following way:

  • Warm up the cleanser or cream in your hands.
  • Apply it to your face in the cheek, forehead, nose, and chin area with the help of dotted brushstrokes.
  • Spread the cleanser/cream from your chin toward your ears, from your nose toward your cheeks and ears, and from your eyes and nose to your temples.
  • Swipe your finger pads from the tip of your nose up the bridge of your nose. Spread the cleanser/cream evenly on your forehead both to the left and to the right side.
  • Then spread it from the bridge of your nose down to the tip of your nose as well as around nostrils. Finish the procedure with massaging movements from the nose to the ears.

All movements should be performed without pressing, your hands should just slide along the skin. Repeat each movement 3 times (but apply the cream only once).

3. They arrange ’cosmetics -free’ days for their skin.

If you are used to applying makeup daily, try to spend at least one day per week without it to give your skin a rest and let it breathe. On this day, use only cleansers and moisturizing creams. Spend this time evaluating the condition of your face. This type of ’fasting day’ will be so beneficial for your skin.

2. They have a balanced diet.

Beauty comes from within. Stick to the main principles of the Japanese nutritional system in order to feel good and look gorgeous:

  • Drink a minimum of 1.5 liters of water per day.
  • No snacks. Eat only according to a timetable.
  • Take vitamins (first consult a doctor).
  • Eat more seafood and vegetables (there are almost no sweets or baked goods on the menu of Japanese beauties).
  • Drink green tea (by the way, it is an ingredient in most cosmetic items).

1. They protect their skin from the sun in any weather.

The tradition of whitening the skin with the help of a mixture made of rice flour and milk has already been left in the past. However, that ideal of beauty has stayed — Japanese girls are still trying to make their skin a pearly-porcelain color. And the lack of sun plays a big role in this task. Well, it’s not actually the lack but using different items and methods that help hide and protect themselves from sun rays.

That’s why we also recommend using cosmetic items with a high SPF because ultraviolet rays can do a lot of harm to your overall look. And seeing how gorgeous the women of Japan are, we are sure that this method really works.

Bonus: how we depict Japanese women

We are sure that women from all over the world are equally beautiful and that every country has something to teach us about skincare. Do you have any effective recipes for maintaining beauty? Please share them with us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side


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That's not really true. I think genetics and skincare routines play the part the most. My Japanese friend's mom is now 50 yrs old, she has healthy diet, doesn't use makeup, and protects her skin from the sun too, but looks like typical old woman (greyish hair, wrinkles, black spots, etc.). Despite of that, she's still a beautiful woman just the way she is. The more you ages, the more you realize health is far more important than look younger.


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