7 Indian Tips to Keep You Young and Healthy

2 years ago

Nowadays, there are many ways to take care of your beauty and health, but Indian people try to find the core source of it all, which includes digestion issues, as problems with the stomach can lead to many different diseases, including skin problems and fast aging.

We at Bright Side rounded up 7 Indian tips that can help you to stay young for longer and maintain your health better. Please consult with your doctor if you have any contraindications.

1. Avoid too much water intake just after having meals.

Indian Ayurveda suggests not having water just before and right after a meal. When you drink water right before eating, you may dilute the gastric fluids that are responsible for digesting. And if you drink water just after your meal, it can impact the state of the food in the stomach directly; and if digestion isn’t good, it can result in bad skin quality and even obesity. Specialists say it takes some time and recommend a 30-minute window both before and after your meals.

2. 6 tastes that should be included in a diet

Indian people recommend a well-balanced meal consisting of all 6 tastes, including sweet, salty, sour, bitter, pungent, and astringent. It may improve your immunity.

3. Consume a spoonful of ghee every day.

Toxins are the reason for allergies. Indians suggest consuming ghee that neutralizes most toxins. So add a spoonful of ghee to your meal. Ghee doesn’t contain the same levels of dairy proteins as butter, so people who don’t tolerate dairy products can try this product.

4. Consume ginger, cumin, and black pepper to combat allergies.

Warming spices improve digestion, according to Ayurveda. Additionally, they help to eliminate allergies by improving your immune system. You can add ginger to your tea and drink it every day to support the effect.

5. Avoid cold food.

Indian doctors recommend avoiding stale, cold, and processed foods. They are much more difficult to digest and may lead to the formation of toxins.

6. Avoid taking curd at night.

People with acidity, acid reflux, or indigestion are recommended to avoid yogurt or curd at night. The reason is that it can cause constipation when the system is ready to sleep. It’s totally fine to eat it during the day.

7. Wake up 2 hours before sunrise.

The simplest way to lead a healthy life, according to Indian doctors, is to arrange the right daily routine. It involves waking up 2 hours before sunrise. Also, you need to eat at the right time and sleep on time.

What tips from the above article would you use? How difficult is it for you to wake up 2 hours before sunrise?

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