7 Precious Things a Child of Divorced Parents May Experience

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3 years ago

Many of us assume that divorce can bring only chaos and pain into a child’s life. But this is not entirely true. That’s because more people tend to talk about the negative effects of the broken union. But understanding and accepting the positive side of a breakup will help the family go through the turbulence and adjust, and the kids can gain advantages from the whole situation.

Bright Side wants to show you the different, somewhat neglected side of parents splitting up.

1. They won’t feel pressured to deal with their parents’ issues.

Once children are free of stressful surroundings, they’ll start to see huge emotional and psychological benefits. Yes, there will be a time when they miss seeing both parents together, but eventually, they’ll feel happier.

The child won’t be dealing with the problems adults have. After the breakup, the parents should try to put their past problems behind them and get along for the sake of the kids. In this way, the children will learn that relationships don’t fall out completely and there are ways to deal with things in a more positive way.

2. Breakups can make children more responsible.

This goes for older children, especially if they have siblings. In this situation, the kid will become protective of their younger sisters and brothers. They will be compassionate, making sure that the little ones are doing okay and grow up with strength and maturity beyond their age. This affects girls more because seeling that their dad and mom are no longer together becomes a sign to them to start being more responsible.

3. Your kid will know the meaning of a healthy relationship.

You should fight and do your best to pass difficult times in your relationship. But the point here is to see when it’s time to stop investing your time in it. It means that you shouldn’t suffer when things aren’t going down the right path. Your kid will see this from your example and will understand that it’s bad to settle for an unhealthy, unhappy marriage.

4. They’ll have a better sense of empathy.

It’s not possible to say for sure when a kid will develop empathy, it’s different for everyone. However, the change in the family can make kids more sympathetic to other people’s problems, which can play an important part in becoming an empath. They will understand life better and being helpful, tolerant, and caring will become part of their nature, making them more accepting of their circumstances and situations.

5. The child will become better at socializing.

When a kid starts living in 2 different households, it will give them the chance to build better communication skills. The child will see how the parents communicate through the divorce. Experiencing this will teach the child how to be better at talking and expressing themself with words, even if there are problems. But in order for this to become a benefit for the child, the parents need to have good communication, well, at least in front of them.

6. Kids will become stronger and more successful.

75% to 80% of children of divorced parents will become adults who can easily adjust in many different situations. They’ll have a higher chance of achieving career and education goals, as well as develop the ability to build stronger and closer relationships.

7. Shared custody will give your kid more quality time with both parents.

Usually, in married life, one of the parents takes more of the responsibilities in terms of the children and the home. However, after a breakup, each parent will be able to completely focus on the child. This will give the kid a chance to get to know their mom and dad better and have fun with each of them.

Do you think that divorce is the right solution, especially for a kid? If you’ve gotten divorced, how did your family, especially your children, navigate through the changes?


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Every thing has it's upside and downside. I am assuming this article was created by someone who has gone through the same and knows from his/her experience. I luckily being an outsider to this life situation can only wish best for all those who go through it.


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