7 Ways Coloring Can Make You Feel a Whole Lot Better

3 years ago

Coloring is considered a form of therapy and can also be used by psychotherapists in art therapy. The benefits of practicing art and coloring can be huge, allowing you time to switch off the world and focus on your creativity.

That is why here at Bright Side we have created a list of all the benefits of coloring and how this hobby can improve your well-being. Give it a go yourself, we’ve attached a coloring page in the bonus to get you started!

1. Coloring can help you reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Coloring geometric patterns and mandalas can help you to reduce your stress levels and lower your anxiety, according to study. This may be because when we focus on simple tasks, our brains relax and our anxiety and stress levels can fall.

So next time you are feeling concerned, anxious, or stressed, try getting your colored pencils out. Coloring can actually have a meditative effect.

2. Coloring may help you improve your brain function.

Coloring can give your brain a workout because it requires the use of both sides of your brain —— the creative and the logical hemispheres.

When choosing the colors and thinking creatively you are using the creative side, and you use the logical side when you’re focusing, organizing, and creating ideas.

3. Coloring can help you improve your focus.

Sitting down and concentrating on the pattern in front of you without the constant distractions of mobile phones and social media means we need to focus. We have to resist picking up our phones and other technological distractions when coloring, as we practice concentration.

A study suggests that practicing art may help with problem-solving, perhaps because making art uses both sides of the brain, which can help you to think outside the box.

4. Coloring can have similar effects to meditation.

Coloring can help you to focus on the moment and to switch-off from distractions and other (perhaps negative) thoughts. This means that coloring can bring you into the present and help to slow down your mind, like meditation.

There are many benefits of meditating in our daily lives, from better sleep to memory improvement. This is just one reason why getting yourself a coloring book today may be really good for your life.

5. Coloring can help you practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the technique of staying in the present and not allowing your worrisome thoughts about the future or memories to take over. Because coloring means that we have to focus on the task at hand, we may be removed from our thoughts and brought to the present moment of the activity of drawing, at least in the short term.

A study tells us that being mindful —— or present —— can lower our anxiety levels, and coloring is often used to help fight that anxiety. This can be a good way, then, to start practicing mindfulness if you aren’t already.

6. Coloring can be used to help remove negative thoughts.

Art has been considered to be a valuable treatment for those suffering from trauma and mental health issues. When it comes to coloring, the focus we need for filling in the shapes and our concentration on color choices may mean that our negative thoughts can be replaced by the activity of drawing.

Rather than letting a negative inner dialogue take over your day, try putting it to rest by practicing art and giving coloring a try.

7. Coloring and art may boost your confidence.

Coloring is no longer considered an activity that is only for children, since coloring is becoming more and more popular among adults. This may be because doing art can actually increase your confidence, according to one study.

Art can have many positive effects on us and coloring can be a great way to start feeling the benefits in your daily life.

Bonus: A coloring page to help you get started!

Are you someone who is experienced at coloring? We would love to hear how it has helped you. Please share your coloring with us, we are sure you have some amazing work!


I love coloring! Didn't know it could be so helpful. Now I know why I am the way I am lol
Well I guess I start coloring from now on. Not good at it, but definitely giving it a try
What I've done so far. It really does help me with my anxiety especially in times like these. Coloring is amazing.
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