8 Effective Tips From Victoria’s Secret Models That Help Them Shine Brighter Than Stars

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Victoria’s Secret models have hectic lifestyles, and their busy schedules can overwhelm even the most organized person. Nevertheless, these women always look on point, and even if they sometimes get just 4 hours of sleep, they still shine bright as if nothing happened. It’s not magic, just really effective tricks that are actively used by professional models.

1. Toothpaste for acne

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Gigi Hadid uses regular toothpaste from the store to remove pimples. This tip is rather controversial. Some swear by it, saying that it contains the right chemicals to remove bacteria and swelling. Others, however, stay away from it because it can do the opposite, like worsen your acne.

2. Boxing

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Adriana Lima has been boxing for more than 10 years. The model says it’s therapeutic both for her mind and body. Boxing also burns a whooping 800 calories in just 1 hour and, in general, makes you more confident.

3. Heat up eyelash curlers with a blow dryer.


Taylor Hill always heats up her eyelash curlers before using them. She learned this trick from makeup artists. Warm curlers help your eyelashes stay curled for longer, and they’re also lifted higher. Make sure the curlers aren’t too hot.

4. Bottled water for washing your face

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Adriana Lima uses only purified bottled water instead of tap water for her face. She says the water from the sink is full of chemicals and bacteria, and she’s right. According to a dermatologist, we may absorb more chlorine and other toxins by bathing and showering than by drinking tap water.

5. Eat every 2 hours.

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Barbara Palvin is a big foodie and is against eating as little as possible, especially in the morning. It’s okay to snack every 2 hours, just make sure the food you eat is healthy. Snacking is a great way to beat cravings and amp up your metabolism.

6. Rice water for postpartum hair loss


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s hair deteriorated significantly when she got pregnant. It got brittle and snapped. She found a great remedy for postpartum hair loss — rice water.

It gained popularity on TikTok due to its effectiveness. The good news is that you don’t even have to buy it — just use the water left after boiling rice. Now you have a treat for yourself and your hair.

7. Going to a sauna or steam room at least once a week

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Irina Shayk is a big fan of steam rooms. They unblock the pores perfectly, and just 15 minutes will be enough to thoroughly clean your face. If you don’t have time to hit up the spa, you can get a similar effect by pouring boiling water in a bow and holding your face above it. Make sure to cover your head with a towel.

8. If you crave sugar, eat it in the morning.

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Alessandra Ambrosio confesses that she loves food, especially sweets. She doesn’t diet and eats everything in moderation. When she indulges in her favorite treats, she usually does so in the early hours of the day. She likes to have eggs, fruit, coffee, muffins, sandwiches, or bagels for breakfast.

Which of these tricks have you tried? If you haven’t tried any of these, which ones would you like to test out?

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My hair has lost a lot of its natural curl, falls out, and has gotten very brittle, due to hypothyroidism and medications that I have to take. I may be giving the rice water a try. I also read in a different article that many Asian women use rice water on their face, though I can't remember exactly what process it was used for.


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