8 Feminine Things That Were Initially Made for Men

2 years ago

It may be difficult to believe now, but Victoria’s Secret was actually made for men. This is just one example of how the line between genders is thin. A product can be used by anyone, and it doesn’t matter what its initial purpose was.

We at Bright Side have made new discoveries for you and would like to share which female products are actually designed for men.

1. Disposable pads

Disposable menstrual pads were created by Benjamin Franklin. The main purpose was to help stop wounded soldiers from bleeding, and later, nurses started to use them as menstrual pads because they were absorbent and easy to use.

2. High heels

The history of high-heels can be traced back to fifteenth-century Persia. In fact, soldiers wore them to help secure their feet in stirrups. Later, Persian migrants brought the high-heels to Europe and male aristocrats wore them as a trendy way to look taller.

3. Yoga

Yoga is believed to have roots in the Brahmins, where men belonged to the Indian caste system. They were known as “men of learning.” Then yoga was brought to the west by men and it slowly became popular among women.

4. Crop top

Crop tops are a very popular piece of clothing among women nowadays. Despite this, the shirt was originally created by men, for men, as a part of men’s fashion for years before women began wearing them. Bodybuilders would cut off the bottoms of their shirts to pass gym dress codes since they weren’t allowed to train without clothes.

5. G-strings

In the olden times, G-strings were worn by our male ancestors as a loincloth. Later, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, some African tribes started to use them.

6. Purse

The original purpose of a purse was to serve as a small bag for money. Such handbags were popular among men because of their functionality. As time went on, women began wearing these pouches more and more, and it became a piece of fashion.

7. Stockings

Originally, tights and stockings were worn by men and were called “hose.” European men used to wear them while horseback riding.

8. Victoria’s Secret shop

A guy named Raymond once felt uncomfortable while buying some lingerie for his wife. This trip inspired him to create a place where men would feel relaxed while shopping for women’s underwear. So the store’s first target was men.

Which of these did you least expect to be made for men? What do you think about making fashion genderless?

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