8 Household Items From Amazon That Will Make You Smile a Bit More Often

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Modern household tools can successfully combine functionality and original design that instantly catches your eye and makes you smile. Amazon is the best place to search for these uplifting items that will cheer you up even on the gloomiest of days and help you around the house. From a set of cleaning brushes that look like real cacti, to a friendly colander with googly eyes, these 8 items made us smile, and we’ve already added them to our shopping carts. Would you like to have them at your house too?

1. We believe you’ll be smiling every time you use this colorful cacti-shaped cleaning brush set. Apart from adding some color to your sink area, these brushes will be super helpful for cleaning stubborn stains inside bottles that can be so hard to get rid of. The cacti are different colors and shapes, which makes them look unusual and eye-catching.

Wet brushes drain into the base of the item, which makes cleaning easier. All brushes have durable bristles.

Promising reviews: Great product, great price, and very cute looking for my kitchen. Great brushes for baby bottles, as they get in all those crooks and are easy to use. @Clare

Useful selection of brushes. Good quality. Brightens up the sink area. Perfect! @triciahugz

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

2. And this is a toilet brush with a holder that looks like a huge cherry. Thanks to its vibrant color, this cleaning tool can brighten up your bathroom area. The brush has durable bristles for efficient cleaning and a well-designed handle for a firm and comfortable grip.

The set includes a sturdy toilet cleaning brush and a portable drip tray caddy.

Promising review: Just what I wanted! Saw this exact brush on an ad on Facebook, and was quite interested, so came to Amazon to see if it was here. I live in student housing, and the bathroom is rather small, making it really hard to personalize. A little thing like this really helps, because it keeps the brush discreet but adds something interesting to the otherwise bland bathroom. Cleans my toilet well and reaches everything just fine! @River-Jay Swinburn

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

3. This cute colander will not stop staring at you with its lovely googly eyes while you’re draining your pasta or washing vegetables. Meal preparation will probably turn into fun with this nice kitchen gadget by your side! It can also become a good present for cooking fans.

The item is dishwasher safe.

Promising reviews: It’s silly and great fun. Also, if you put it in the sink, the eyes look like they are looking at you! Great conversation starter. @Rachel

Very nice/fun design and good quality. I received one as a gift (after my wish list) and now I purchased an extra one, because a friend fell in love with the design too. @Roxana

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

4. This spoon rest that looks like spilled tomato sauce will surely startle your guests. The item is pretty big — to hold spoons of different sizes, and it’s easy to wash. The spoon rest comes in a vivid red color, it’s 3-dimensional, and it has a unique shape, which will help you personalize your kitchen by adding just one accessory.

The item is flexible, non-toxic, durable, heat-resistant, and made of food grade materials.

Promising reviews: This is a fabulous item which is large enough to rest multiple spoons on and is fun and interesting. @MRS W

I love it!! I have it on my black worktop at the side of my ceramic hob. Everyone thinks that the hob is on and does a double take when they walk by...lol. It’s got slots at different angles that means any spoon will rest on it somehow, without getting the worktop messy. It’s very pliable and washes beautifully easily. It’s so different, I love it. @Harley’s GG

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

5. Have you ever seen a set of coasters look this creative? This is not just a pile of coasters that are stored somewhere in a drawer, but a whole cactus plant where each green leaf is a coaster. The coasters are different sizes, so you can find the one that suits your cup the best.

The flowerpot can also be used as a storage box. This item can become a good decoration for your house, apart from being super functional.

Promising review: I love this, it’s something different, yet useful. The green leaves and even the lid can all be used as coasters. It can then be made up like a cactus or put away into the terracotta pot. Brilliant, I love it. @Kindle Customer

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

6. These bag ties made in the shape of cute cats are just “purrfect” for sealing in the freshness and taste of your foods. To seal the bag, you need to pull the cat’s tongue through its mouth, and it looks super funny! The items are durable, and they will serve you for a long time.

The set includes 3 bag ties: a black one, a gray one, and a white one.

Promising reviews: Bought some of these before, they are very useful and also very funny, have quite a collection now of different animals. @gillian nicholls

Great fun and really practical. Keep bags sealed, and I also use them to keep cables tidy. @Judith

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

7. And this is another cute item for cat lovers: a cat-shaped tea infuser. Drinking your favorite tea will now become even more pleasurable and relaxing. The fish-shaped infuser is made of stainless steel, and a cat figure that sits on the rim of the cup holds it.

Promising review: I was looking for a way to not have loose tea at the bottom of my cup. Supermarkets only stock stainless steel round or oval ones, which would do the job. But I wanted something different so tried Amazon and I found idea after idea, but went for this Joie one as I have other items from them. And it’s a joy to use. @MJPHARMACY

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

8. If you need even more lovely cats around the house, take a look at this funny hand towel. This is not just a pretty item, it is very functional and absorbs water well. The buttons prevent the towel from falling, and you can place it wherever you want.

The design of this item is very realistic, and it’s hard to keep yourself from petting this “cat.”

Promising review: I love a novelty, and when I saw this, I needed one. Being a cat lover too, it had to be, this is so cute it is really soft material and very realistic. My friend jumped when she saw it hanging on my bathroom wall, haha. The paws go over the rail and fasten with press-studs. It is not huge, but it’s ideal for a hand wash towel and washes well too. It’s a fab talking point for fun too, love it! @Anna H.

Buy this item on Amazon HERE

Which of these items made you smile? Do you know someone who would be glad to receive them as a gift?

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